Ambulance Service


Pre-hospital emergency transport is one of the essential functions of public safety. The providers of this service include municipal city departments, county fire districts, and private companies. Walla Walla County Fire District 5 operates Fire-Based EMS. It is critical that tax payers understand the importance of having emergency medical services provided through Fire District 5. This model of service has the ability to deliver a multi-faceted response through training in areas such as fire suppression, emergency medical transport, vehicle and machinery extrication, technical rescue, water and ice rescue, fire prevention and public education programs. Firefighter's and emergency medical personnel will simultaneously secure a scene, mitigate the hazard, extricate and triage patients, decontaminate if necessary, treat and transport patients to an appropriate medical facility.


Fire District 5 maintains a part-time Paramedic roster and is always looking for additional staffing to improve the District's coverage. Shifts are mainly weekend days 8 am- 5 pm. Weekday shifts are occasionally available to cover full-time staff on vacation, sick leave, or additional staffing needed during busy summer months. An average of 1.5 shifts per month is required to maintain affiliation and active employment status. The Paramedic program has many training opportunities available including a complete ALS OTEP schedule. Previous experience desired but not required for hire. If interested please contact Fire District 5 at Station 51- (509) 547-8341


Walla Walla County Fire District 5 is the primary provider of ambulance service to the communities of Burbank, Burbank Heights, Wallula and Charbonneau. Basic Life Support (EMT) level care has been the level of service provided since the fire district was founded in 1953. On July 1, 2013 the fire district began providing Advanced Life Support (Paramedic) level care. Prior to the implement of this service the fire district relied entirely on the City of Pasco Fire Department and Walla Walla Fire Department to provide paramedic level care and transport in the form of medical mutual aid. Pasco Fire Department is still requested for assistance during periods of low staffing or incidents with multiple victims. Walla Walla County Fire District 5 is continuing to explore the options of increasing coverage by in-house paramedics; accordingly, the need for assistance from outside agencies should continue to decrease. This service has proven to decrease response times to emergencies and provide the sick and injured with quicker definitive care. Ambulance and transport service at Fire District 5 continues to be well received by the community and citizens we serve.


-Fire District 5 Resident Fees:

Basic Life Support (EMT)- NO CHARGE

Advanced Life Support (Paramedic)- $700

-Non Fire District 5 Resident Fees:

Basic Life Support (EMT)- $600

Advanced Life Support (Paramedic)- $950

-Transport Mileage Fee:

$10 per patient mile.

-Emergency Services Fee:

Non Fire District 5 residents will be charged a fee of $200 when emergency services are rendered by Fire District personnel but the patient is transported by an outside agency.


Please feel free to contact Station 51 with any questions regarding ambulance billing, payment options or insurance claims.

Contact: Kirsten Cole- Ambulance Billing- 509-547-8341.