Casual Employee Appointment Process

Process to obtain casual employment in the Catholic Education Diocese of Wagga Wagga (CEDWW):

Important: casual work means you are not applying for an advertised position - casual employment is not a guarantee of engagement.


Call or visit the school(s) you would like to work with.

The school will talk with you about suitability for casual work, your experience and capability, your availability to work, the availability of work at the school, fit with students and school community.


If the schools are willing and able to appoint you as a casual, they will at minimum request your phone number and email address so that CEDWW People and Culture (P&C) can get in contact with you.

They complete a quick internal form to advise CEDWW P&C that they approve for you to be employed as a casual.

CEDWW P&C will then get in contact with you and provide you with the correct form(s) to complete to get you up and running.

Note: we are transitioning to online forms, so you may be invited to register in our 'Candidate Gateway' before you can complete the required forms.

You need to be aware that you will be unable to be paid for any work performed until the payroll onboarding has been completed so until such time as all paperwork is received you should not be engaged to work.


  1. CEDWW People and Culture check that your application/forms are complete.

  2. Verify important checks such as Photo Identification, Working With Children Clearance and for teachers, currency with NESA and Teaching qualifications.

  3. We organise reference checks with you - we currently do this through an online system called Xref

  4. Collect Payroll information such as bank details, superannuation and tax

  5. For teachers, Payroll will review your provided statements of service to determine your remuneration classification.

Note: CEDWW will issue you with a form relevant to your circumstance i.e. a new casual employee, vs having previously worked with us

If my registration has ended and I am being reactivated, do I have to complete a full application again?

This depends on how long it has been since you were last paid and last worked for us. We do have to do certain checks to make sure important registration requirements are still being met. On receiving a request from the school to reestablish you, at minimum, People and Culture will check the following:

  • That you have a current Working with Children Check

  • That your bank, tax, superannuation and contact details are up to date

  • Teachers only - You are currently actively registered with NESA

Note for teachers: If you have been working elsewhere during the period you have not worked with us and wish to have your classification reassessed, you will need to provide payroll with updated statements of service.

When your onboarding is complete we will let you and the school know immediately so that you can commence.


All day to day engagement will be managed by the school(s). Make sure you keep in contact and also let the school know if you are no longer available for work. We don't have a fancy system for casual engagement: i.e. knowing what days you are available and each school currently have their own process for notifying casuals of work availability, so a relationship with the individual school(s) is key!

As you are engaged to work, the school is responsible for advising CEDWW Payroll that you require payment by completing a casual work request/timesheet to outline the hours you have worked.

Our payroll run occurs Fortnightly.


The Catholic Education Diocese of Wagga Wagga People and Culture team perform regular audits of our employees and systems. This includes reviewing the active engagement of casual employees.

With an active casual CEDWW employment record, you have access to CEDWW systems and email.

However, if you are not currently working for CEDWW, we need to remove this access as there are implications for privacy, software licensing and just tracking our active employees in general.

CEDWW will deactivate in PHRIS/from the Payroll, any staff who have not been engaged in casual work with CEDWW in over 12 months - this audit occurs at the end of each school term.

Unengaged casuals are removed from our payroll system PHRIS for a number of reasons:

  1. To ensure accuracy in reporting actual staff numbers

  2. If someone has not worked for us in over 6 months it is reasonable to assume they are not in a position to work (parental leave, moved interstate, has regular work elsewhere, etc)

  3. When active on PHRIS we are maintaining access to Gmail, applications and identity including system licencing costs

  4. When active in PHRIS, non active staff members are receiving CEDWW staff communications and have access to CEDWW systems

We understand that sometimes you put your name on a casual register but are then unable to work for various reasons. If you are available to work casually after being deactivated through this process, contact your preferred school and have a discussion with them to advise of your availability - if they need your support, they will advise CEDWW People and Culture to reactivate your profile.

IMPORTANT you will only be reestablished in the system on advice from a school.

Contacting the central office and requesting to be reactivated will not be accepted, we need to know that a school intends to actively engage you for casual work.