We can't wait to help you cheer each other on as you do high school: learning, growing, competing and creating your best selves.

Get involved and don't wait to start making HS memories!

TOLO WEEK Dress Up Days

Volunteer during Spring Break at St. Vincent Center Thrift Store in Union Gap 

Sign up here: https://givepul.se/dup6e5 

Find other opportunities here: https://givepul.se/02iwql

If you would like to volunteer, but are not registered volunteers with Catholic Charities, please contact the coordinator before March 28 at blambert@catholiccharitiescw.org.

If you are observing Ramadan and would prefer an alternative to the Commons during your lunch, the HS has these options:

The Library is available during both lunches and you are welcome there.

1st Lunch also has these options: 

2nd Lunch also has these options:

WVHS is excited and RAMPROUD to be offering FREE after school activities this spring! We are offering 12 different "academies" each lasting one week (M-TH). See your grade level Google Classroom for the options and which weeks they are offered. Some academies have limits on numbers of students - so sign up FAST for the ones that you want to attend! 

If this is successful, we hope to continue adding academies next year!

TOLO: Let's Groove Tonight

Mar 25, 8-11pm @WVHS

Get your GUEST PASS NOW!!!

Tickets for sale the week of Mar 20 

$3 with ASB; $5 without


On March 22 from 3:00 p.m. -5:00 p.m., Catholic Charities will have an opportunity for students to help create hygiene kits for their clients who are served through St. Vincent Center and the PREPARES program.  Anyone who wants to help can sign up here: https://givepul.se/o1lc1i.  If you are not already volunteers with Catholic Charities, please contact blambert@catholiccharitiescw.org for an application.

Does your family bank at GESA Credit Union? 

If YES - please consider getting the official WV RAMS Debit Card (it only takes 5 minutes in the branch) and using it to show your RAM PRIDE! 

Even better, GESA makes a donation to WVHS every time this card gets used - what a partnership! 

Scholarship Prizes:

First place: $ 3,500

Second place: $2,500

Third place: $2,000

Fourth and Fifth: $1,000

SENIORS are INVITED to enter the

Seniors interested in competing in the Rotary Speech Competition must sign up with Mr. Burns in Rm 2111.  The preliminary round is on April 17th and 18th at  Yakima Valley College Conference Center (1704 Nob Hill Blvd. Yakima) from 3:00-5:00 pm)


Expert judges will select the top five speakers from the preliminary to compete in the final round on April 26th at 7:00 am at the same location. Rotary members will rank the top five.


Big scholarship money prizes!

This competition is only open to seniors who will be attending some type of post high school education after high school (tech school, 2-year community college, 4 year university)

Participants must be able to attend both a preliminary contest date and a finals date.


These are 4-5 minute memorized speeches. See Mr. Burns for more details.  

Lucky Charms delivery on THURSDAY!!

Thursday Night is also the WV takeover of PROVISIONS in Terrace Heights. Reserve a table with family or friends and come support RAMS on the Red Carpet!

LUCKY CHARMS will be delivered TH and Monday. If you still want to send a Charm - talk to a RAMS on the Red Carpet member ASAP. Sales close end of Thursday!

We are RAMPROUD to introduce the WVHS girls who will be participating in RAMS on the Red Carpet! 

SAVE THE DATE for their finale': April 20th, 7pm.
This will be a Movie Premier complete with a Red Carpet! 

FBI-Special Information Video

This is an important message from the FBI for WV students and families. 

If you or someone you know has been a target of this crime, PLEASE talk to an administrator, your counselor or your parents. There are steps to take to protect you moving forward!

From the Office:

You need your ID or ASB with you EVERYDAY for business in the library, attendance office and main office! Carry your ID with you and download the Skyward App for a digital version!

YES, you can still purchase your ASB in the office or online! We will upgrade your card any time!

How do you buy an ASB? ($20 this year)

Our clubs rotate meeting on Thursdays. 

Check out the schedule and the clubs here!

Student Handbook can be found here!

YOU NEED YOUR SCHOOL ID or ASB EVERY DAY! If you don't have one and need it - $5 to replace it.

If the office lets you go to get something from your car - DON'T ABUSE THAT PRIVILEDGE. Get back in less than 10 minutes and don't make it a habit. Thank You!

REMINDER: WVHS is a closed campus (see handbook). Students are not allowed to check-out for lunch. We do not allow food delivery services on campus during the school day.

Other QUESTIONS (and their answers) that we are hearing. Maybe this will help you! If you have a Q that you think we should add to this document, please email it to johnsonk@wvsd208.org

Zoom, Chromebook or Google issues? Try this - it fixes 90% of the problems! REMOVE all user profiles from the Chromebook. Restart it. Log back in. This should force it to update your settings and things will run as they should.


First, try these tips: TIPS and HELP for Students

If the issue needs repair you'll bring your Chromebook to the library and check out a loaner while yours is being serviced.

LOST YOUR CHARGER? Best answer is to buy one one Amazon. Make sure it is the right one!

WANT A MOUSE? You can get a wireless mouse on Amazon for $5. 

Counselors are assigned to students based on last name:

A-D     Mrs. McKeel     mckeelt@wvsd208.org

E-K     Mrs. Rinaldi     rinaldis@wvsd208.org

L-Q     Mrs. Kingsbury     kingsburyc@wvsd208.org

R-Z     Mrs. Clark     clarkh@wvsd208.org 



INSTAGRAM @wvrams