Other Learning Experiences


Under the NSS Curriculum, OLE is one of the three components that complement the core and elective subjects for the whole person development of students.


  • Awareness of the society and culture: stay connected with and care for the world.

  • Thinking skills: train students' critical thinking in social policies and benefits. and enhance their abilities of observation, analysis, expression, communication and problem solving.

  • Integrated perspectives: students learn different concerns in life and culture. Intelligent views will help them in decision making and in using suitable media to express their ideas and plans.

  • To facilitate students' all-round development as lifelong learners with a focus on sustainable capacities, the expected outcomes include:

- becoming active, informed and responsible citizens;

- developing respect for multiple values and interests in the arts;

- adopting a healthy lifestyle; and

- enhancing career aspirations and positive work ethics.