Competitions and Achievements

17th Secondary Schools Infrastructure Design Competition

Model Making – 22/4/2023 (IVE - Tsing Yi School)

Heat (15-kg load test) – 24/6/2023 (IVE - Tsing Yi School)

Final (load until break) – 8/7/2023 (IVE - Tsing Yi School)

One F4 team and two F5 teams joined the competitions. They have to design and build bridge models out of wooden sticks and shoe paste within 8 hours. The photos were taken upon completion and submission of their models. 

Whole-day (from 9:00 to 17:00) making the bridge models at IVE(Tsing Yi School) 

Close-ups of our bridge models 

In the heat, each bridge was loaded with 15 kg weight to test for deflection. The 24 teams of smallest deflection entered the final. All three teams of our school successfully passed the test and were placed among the list in the final.

Although our bridges could not withstand the severe test in the final (our highest breaking-load was 50 kg; maximum was 70 kg to win), all students gained valuable experience of what engineering is about and all of them enjoyed the process of the competition.

2023 Hong Kong Physics Olympiad

Two F4 students were selected to participate in the competition. Mui Lok Tin of 4A was awarded the First Class Honours Award.