Our musical ‘Scrooge’ was adapted from Charles Dickens’ 1843 novella ‘A Christmas Carol’ and performed by F.1 to F.4 students during the Arts Night 2022. It was a great success thanks to all devoted English Drama Club members, including the actors and backstage crew, and the teachers. With the help of a streaming platform, we had a good time with both live and online audiences. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who came to support the event — ‘Love is all that matters!’

Building a Thanksgiving English Campus

School news

To build a more grateful English school environment, a series of activities were held from November to December 2021 among junior form students. They were all introduced to the origins of the American Thanksgiving Day, guided to understand the creative use of figurative language in songs of gratitude, and taught to write song dedication messages for their beloved teachers, family, and peers. Together with our NET, some of our English Ambassadors conveyed these heartwarming dedication videos on-air at our campus before the Christmas holidays to remind students of the importance of cherishing what we have been given. The messages, together with support from the Principal and NET, are also displayed on our English Department board for further empowerment and appreciation.

English Crossover Activity

The Annual Book Fair organized by our school’s Library was held on the 2nd and 3rd of November with an English Crossover Game set up as our first school-wide English Award Scheme activity, promoting the reading of graphic novels and movie-based novels. Students visiting the Book Fair were guided to complete questions online which required them to skim and scan for information from book covers, back covers, and content pages.

An unforgettable study tour!

Have you ever been to the United Kingdom? A country that is rich in history and cultural heritage. Our students had the privilege of visiting this wonderful place during the summer in 2018.


F.1 students had a barbecue with the NETS from a service provider. It was an enjoyable opportunity to practice their spoken English.

I.S. & English activity-Big TV

A fun-filled cross-curricular (I.S. & English) activity-Big TV was held as student representatives took turns to describe the words/pictures shown on the screen in English, but they were NOT allowed to spell the words! It was a test to their language ability and creativity.

F.1 & F.3 Spelling Competitions

F.1 and F.3 students showcased their talent in English vocabulary in the spelling competitions. They were trying their best to get every single word correct.

Christmas Sale

Christmas is not only a time for joy and peace, but also celebrated for charitable causes.

A Christmas Sale was held to raise money for charity and every dollar means a lot to the people in need.