Windham Southwest SU


E-Learning at WSWSU Schools

Beginning March 19, 2020

Windham Southwest Supervisory Union schools are implementing e-Learning days so that students can continue learning from home during this extended school closure. We are using the general term “e-Learning” broadly to refer to our efforts to continue learning at home during extended school dismissals and closures, including the use of all available new digital technology as well as phone and print resources. This site will provide information and resources for e-Learning and remote learning. WSWSU is well positioned for e-Learning. We have one-to-one technology in place in our schools for grades 3-12. Most teachers and students are already using this technology in their daily lessons.

Remote teaching and learning will take many forms. But you can expect that there will be communication, progress monitoring, and/or feedback between teachers and students. While e-Learning and remote learning are not the same as the regular classroom environment, it can provide some continuity when school is interrupted. It will also serve to further prepare our students for today's digital world.

Teacher Availability

Teachers (as well as administrators and other certified staff members) will be available by email or other digital learning spaces such as Google Classroom.

In general, teachers will communicate their expectations and assignments for each school day.

Teachers may also send home pre-planned activities for e-Learning days. This will be more common in younger grades, but may take place in other grades as well.

While not online continuously, teachers will monitor email and other communication with students and parents regularly throughout the school week.

School Calendar

We understand that the State of Vermont may allow us to count remote e-Learning days toward the total school day requirement. More information is forthcoming from the State of Vermont regarding this matter

E-Learning Feedback

E-Learning is a new process for all of us. We appreciate everyone's understanding and flexibility during this time.

In the future, we will reach out to students, staff, and parents for feedback so we can assess what went well and what can be improved.