Piney Grove Pre-K Playground

Our youngest Pandas need your help one more time! We are still working very hard to raise the remaining funds to get a piece of age appropriate play equipment of our own and to move and enlarge our fence to accommodate it. We have a wonderful way for you to help!

Help us collect orders for these beautiful plants, bulbs, and seeds. We have the items on our website where you can order and pay online. It’s a great way to let family and friends order, just click the Pre-K Playground link on the school webpage. We can’t ship items, all will be delivered to the school. Orders and money need to be turned in to Piney Grove by Friday, March 25th. Orders will be here when we return from spring break. Make checks to Piney Grove Elementary.

Feel free to order an item to be donated and planted at the school in honor of your student. We will invite each student that donates an item to come help us plant our Honor Garden during a grade level recess time. Thank you for supporting our Little Pandas.

If you have any questions, email us,

Miss Ashley 3’s or Miss Amy 4’s

(turn in this slip with your order if donating items)

We have ordered the following item(s) ________________________________

in honor of (child)___________________ in (teacher)__________________class

We have ordered the following item(s) ________________________________

in honor of (child)___________________ in (teacher)__________________class

Donation: Thank you for continuing to support our Little Pandas. If sweet treats aren’t your thing, and you’d still like to contribute to the playground fund, you can make a direct donation. Some employers will even match your contribution. See below! If you have any questions, email us...

Miss Ashley 3’s Miss Amy 4’s

Donor Levels

Any gift is deeply appreciated, and sharing our initiative with others is a great help. If you get a company match, the combined total will be applied to to the levels below for both you and the company. If you prefer to donate to the school directly, contact me at Piney Grove Elementary (336-703-4122). If you would like a tax deduction thank you letter, please email 'deduction letter' though the provided link.

$5 - $99 A Thank You & A Hug

$100 - $999 Get Your Name Listed On Our

'Biggest Donors Wall'

$1000 - $2999 Your Name On Your Own Plaque

$3000 or more Your Name On Your Own Plaque

& You Get To Name Our Playground

"The ---------- Memorial Playground"