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Our Library/STEAM Program is up and running for 2019-2020. If you have a passion that you would like to share or would like to volunteer to help in your student's STEAM class, please email Mrs. Skehan for information. Don't forget to check out the STEAM page to see a current list of items needed for projects. - tskehan@wsesu.net

Gallery of Student Work

Each month new student work will be posted. We have been busy connecting to literature through problem solving activities. Scroll below to check out all the different learning projects happening at HES!

Red Clover Nominees:

Potato Pants by Laurie Keller

K-1 Students designed potato pants for their own cardboard spud while 2nd graders created a Mr. Potato head game complete with potato pants.

Misunderstood Shark

by Ame Dyckman

Students created a paper tube shark to catch a sea creature of their choice.

Julian is a Mermaid

by Jessica Love

Students created underwater scenes. Some included mermaids while others made sea serpents and other underwater creatures.

Reindeer Challenges in multiple grades:

K-2 read about reindeer and talked about their many adaptations. Students created reindeer that showed some of the adaptations.

The 6-8 grade middle school was challenged to a STEAM Challenge during an assembly. Each advisory had to identify all of Santa's reindeer as well as use all the items in their basket to create and decorate antlers.

Snowflake Study: K-2

A collection of library books were on offer as we designed and created snowflakes using an assortment of supplies.

Snow by Uri Shulevitz (E SHU)

It's Snowing (551.57 )

Snowflakes in Photographs ( 551.57 BEN)

Snowflake Bentley ( B BEN)

The story of snow by Mark Cassino ( 551.57 CAS)

Making a New Friend By Allison McGhee ( E MCG)

Snowmen at night ( E BUE)

Fifth Grade Plastic Bag Challenge

Fifth grade read One Plastic Bag: Isatou Ceesay and the Recycling Women of the Gambia. We then collected single use plastic bags and created plarn. Plarn is yarn made out of plastic bags. At first, we attempted to learn how to crotchet. However, we soon realized that sometimes one has to back up and problem solving different ways to do things. Fifth graders made me proud when we switched gears and tried weaving the plarn. I think we all came away with a sense of appreciation for the women of the Gambia.

Turkey Trouble

by Wendy J. Silvano

After reading this book, some students created costumes for the turkey to disguise himself as in order to be safe from the turkey dinner. Others created turkeys after learning about adaptation that turkeys have.

Fourth Grade Bridge Challenge

Fourth grade design challenge was to research bridge structures, design, and create a model of a bridge.

Goldie Socks and the Three Libearians

by Jackie Mims Hopkins

Second grade read a fractured fairy tale and then were challenged to design and create a model of their favorite place to read.

The Recess Queen by Alexis O'Neill

First grade students listened to the story about school yard bullies. They discussed ways to include each other in games at recess. Then they designed and built a model of their playground using resources from the STEAM lab.


Design Challenge

After viewing several examples of Albert Giacometti sculptures, third graders were challenged to create a figure out of aluminum foil that showed movement.

Dragon mouth closed

Dragon mouth open.

Students in Kindergarten read Do not Bring Your Dragon to the Library by Julie Gassman. They then colored, cut, and glued a clothespin dragon puppet. Dragons practiced library behavior before going home.

CLiF Grant: Year of the Books

Read for Planet Earth

September 13th was the kick-off for this amazing program we are forunate to be part of. Each student K-6 recieved a free book during the presentation. The book giveaways will continue over the course of the year as well as author visits. Stay tuned for upcoming information on these visits. Be on the lookout as the library will soon have a display for Read for Planet Earth. These books will have environmental themes. The goal is to get students and staff thinking about our impact on the world and connecting to how we can make a difference in the planet's future.