The Orion Times

"For students, by students."



Hello there! Welcome to the Orion Junior High School newspaper. Made by your very own Digital Journalism Club, who has worked quite a lot to bring it to you. We are so happy that you here!

We have inspiring articles, hilarious comics, quirky videos and much more.

So, sit back! Munch on some buttery popcorn and enjoy!

-The Digital Journalism Team


Where do I find new issues of the newspaper?

-Our newspaper is entirely digital. If you hover over the "Orion Times Newspaper" tab above, you will see sub-pages of every issue so far. We update this often, so there's plenty to enjoy.

When are applications for Digital Journalism?

-Currently, we take applications near the end of 1st quarter. This means you can sign up in late fall, usually October or November, at the yearly Club Rush.

How long has Orion had a newspaper? I didn't know about this.

-We have only been around since the fall of 2019! Digital Journalism was founded by Indiana Plant, who is now a sophomore at Weber High. We put the "new" in "news."

Who are the current editors of the Orion newspaper?

-The current editors of the Orion newspaper are Kennedy Plant and Penny Harris. If you would like to ask questions or give compliments, their emails are and Mrs. Fendrick is our club leader this year, and she also works very hard for the newspaper! Her email is