August 21, 2017

Dear Students and Parents,

We are very excited about having your student in fourth grade. We can’t wait to get to know each of them. We have a lot of fantastic things planned. We hope that we can work together to make this a great year.

Here are some things that you will need to know that will be expected of your child.

Mrs. Widdison’s home room: RED

Senor Yamashita’s home room: BLUE

A/B Day - Each day your child will start class in a different room. We will be rotating starting days to even out the amount of time your student will spend in both the English class and the Spanish class.

Planner – Each student will be given a planner to keep track of assignments and activities that we will do throughout the day. Daily assignments will be written on the board and students will have time to write them in their planners. Parents are asked to discuss the assignments with their student, help students complete any unfinished assignments, ask if all assignments have been turned in and sign the planner. The planner is our way of communicating with you, so there are no surprises when we meet for Parent-Teacher Conferences.

Homework – Any assignments NOT completed in class will become homework. The folder given to you at back to school night has a side for items to leave home and a side for items to be brought back. This folder should be used for all work. If your student seems to have excessive homework, it means he or she is not working in class or is struggling and we would like to know so that we can help. Once in awhile your child will be given assignments to be completed at home. There will not be a homework packet.

UnpreparedsStudents are expected to be prepared. If an assignment is given it is important for it to be completed on time. Prepared means to have the assignment ready to check when it is due. If a student is not prepared they will have a grace period to finish it. If it is still not turned in they will need to make arrangements to stay in at recess or after school to finish it. We will send home a progress report at mid-term or you may see their work on the portal. Please encourage your student to be prepared.

Absences – Please make sure your student is at school. Many assignments are done orally and your student will miss a great deal by not being at school. Students are expected to make up any work missed while absent.

Toys or Media Devices – Toys and Media Devices are NOT allowed at school. Cell phones are required to be kept in their backpacks turned off. The school is not responsible for any items brought to school.

Behavior and Discipline Plan – To ensure that the best possible learning and teaching will take place, there are basic responsible behaviors which are expected of each student. Students will be following rules pertaining to Respect, Safety, and Responsibility. Our school and class, through Patriot Power, will be participating and learning how to have the power at Freedom.

  1. Verbal Warning
  2. Missed Recess/Think Time
  3. “OOPS” Ticket – must be signed by parent
  4. Child and teacher phone call home
  5. Office Referral

If you have any concerns or problems that you would like to discuss with us please call us before or after school 801-452-4100.

Road to Success Reading – Your student will need to keep track of their reading minutes on the Road to Success website. Students are expected to read every night for 30 minutes. This can be completed in either English or Spanish. If there is time for silent reading at school, your student may count 10 of those minutes for their daily reading time.

Parent Visits – Please feel free to visit our classrooms. For the safety of all children in the school, everyone must first check in with the office.

Volunteers – We would appreciate any help that you might be able to give in the classroom or at home. Please let us know if you are available to volunteer your time.

We know you have entrusted your most valuable possession in our care and we want you to know that we feel that responsibility. We are looking forward to a great year and hope to have your support. Please give your child lots of positive reinforcement. Thanks!!!


Mrs. Widdison & Sr. Yamashita

Please contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Monica Widdison


801-452-4100 School

Michael Yamashita