LHS Film Festival

At Liberty, we support the annual Wentzville School District Film Festival by hosting our own building-level festival. Visit the WSD Film Festival website for categories, submission guidelines, tutorials and more.

Congrats to Our 2017-18 District Winners!

Liberty was well represented at this year's district Film Festival. The following films won first place awards:

2016-17 Winners

Last year, we had close to 50 video submissions to our LHS Film Festival! Check out these videos made by Liberty students that won at the Wentzville School District Film Festival:

"Mirrored" (Story) by Jake Denunzio, Dakota Barnett, Taylor Moenster, Levi Fuller

Story 2 Mirrored/ Jake Denunzio.wmv

"Distracted Driving" (PSA) by Megan Maetten

PSA 23 Distracted Driving/ Megan Maetten.mov

"September Student of the Month: Connor Low" (News Package) by Braden McMackin

News Package 2 September-s Student of the Month/Braden McMackin.mp4

"Valentine Cookie Pops" (Instructional) by Sam Clynes, Johnathan Gruebbeling, Nathan Laws, Jordan Lange

Instructional 4 Valentine Cake Pops/ Clynes.mp4

"Abortion" (Informational) by Sarah Groves and Emily McPherron

Informational 5 Abortion (Version 2)/ Groves and McPherron.mp4