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Sometimes we get sick, sometimes life happens and sometimes we have to travel for sports or vacation. Since you are still a student, you are still responsible for making up the learning that you missed. Making up what you missed is as easy as logging on to Google Classroom, and clicking on the slides from the day you were absent. Use those slides to complete any handouts that you missed or watch videos of labs! Be sure to check in with Mrs. Nickel when you return!

Curriculum information

"What are we going to learn this year?"

In Science, we have four units that we will explore:

1. Cells to Systems

2. Reproduction and Genetics

3. Thermal Energy

4. Weather and Climate

Each unit includes exploratory activities, labs, quizzes, a test and a performance event. You can find more information about grading on my syllabus.

Science Syllabus

Science Syllabus

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