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Math Class

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All students have a textbook for the class at home. these textbooks are consumable, so students may write in them.


Sometimes we get sick, sometimes life happens and sometimes we have to travel for sports or vacation. Since you are still a student, you are still responsible for making up the learning that you missed. Making up what you missed is as easy as logging on to Google Classroom, and clicking on the slides from the day you were absent. Use those slides to complete any notes that you missed! Be sure to check in with Mrs. Nickel when you return!

Math Syllabus

Curriculum information

"What are we going to learn this year?"

In Math, we have ten units that we will explore:

  • 1. Compute with Multi-Digit Numbers (no calculator)

2. Fractions (no calculator)

3. Ratios and Rates

4. Fractions, Decimals and Percents

5. Expressions

6. Equations and Inequalities

7. Functions

8. Integers

9. Geometry and Measurement

10. Data Analysis and Statistics

I assign nightly "practice problems," so that students can practice what we learned in class that day. I do not grade the nightly practice problems, as they are for practice only. I do give a four question "checkpoint" over the previous night's practice problems to assess how well students understood the lesson. The checkpoint is graded and it is out of eight points. If students are not performing well on checkpoints, I will suggest that they complete the nightly practice problems.

Feel free to contact me with any questions!

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