Bob Zanzig: STEM Teacher

Site Update-Sept.16, 2018

  • Added Project pages to each current class page

Computer Access and Extra Help-- Watson Jr High Engineering understands that not everyone has access to a computer at home. To aid in this endeavor, I will be opening my classroom before school, after school, and at lunch, by appointment (just ask and I will usually write you the required pass). This is also a great time to come in for extra help with any class. The library is also open at lunch twice a week. There is also Homework Club everyday from 3-5 pm, in the Library. This is particularly important for Automation and Robotics and Design and Modeling, as these classes require specific software that is not available on any other computers in the school.

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I am still working on the Tutorial and Extracurricular sections. All class tabs are available. Let me know if there are ways to make the site better. TY BZ