Mrs. Anhder's Counselor Page

Hello, I'm Mrs. Anhder and I absolutely love my job!

My Mission is to help students feel accepted, safe, and of great value to this world.

I work in the classrooms teaching Social Emotional Learning (SEL), skills students can use to deal with situations in life and at school. I also meet with students in Small Groups or Individually for a little extra support when needed.

Hours: M-F; 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Contact Information: 801-452-4168

I'm new to Google Sites, but I wanted to create a page you could share with your students during this long break. I'm not sending Homework, as I know you're all probably getting enough, but I'd like to add any fun or helpful Supplemental Materials that I can. I will add Updates as we go and I hope you'll reach out to me if you have any questions or need for more Resources. Thinking of you all and hoping your family is Safe and Happy. :)

Hello from Mrs. Anhder Week Three...

Hello from Mrs. Anhder, Week 1

Mrs. Anhder says Hi! Week 2

Story Time with Mrs. Anhder....

What's Going on with Roy Elementary Students?? (email pics to Mrs. Anhder....

Thank you for sharing your Career Goals with us!

Thank you for sharing your pics!!

Second Step and Leader in Me Lessons and Songs ... (We learn this in the classroom lessons)

A Favorite Song to help with Learning

Your student should know this one....

One of my favorite Career Songs! I teach it to Kindergarten every year.

The Calm Down Song from Second Step

Problem Solving Steps

S= Say the Problem

T= Think of Solutions

E= Explore Consequences

P= Pick the Best Solution

Some good resources to Help with Angry Feelings...

A Good Resource for Parents to help your Student manage Angry Feelings

Great Resource to Show your Student

At School we learn to ...

Stop! Name your Feeling. Calm Down.

1- Take a Belly Breathe

2- Count out loud

3- Calm RIght Down

A Favorite Video for Younger Students: I have them recall all the ways Howard learned to control his Anger and Discuss their favorite ways

Some Good resources to Help with Worried or Sad Feelings...

Getting Along with Others...

A Favorite Video to watch with Students and then Review...

Take A Breathe

Practice Mindfulness: Be in the Moment

Talk to an Adult

Students in my Groups and the Younger Grades are learning the

Zones of Regulation

Covid Helps for Parents and Students...

Get the facts. Everyone’s talking about the coronavirus, and that’s a lot of information to filter. Don’t take social media posts about the virus at face value. Refer to credible resources to confirm what you hear and read. Refer to for national updates and to your state website for state updates. John Hopkins University created a map to track confirmed cases of COVID-19:

Mindfulness tip #1. Mindfulness is bringing your attention to the here and now. If you’re feeling anxious or depressed, mindfulness meditation may help you relax and reenergize. One approach is bringing your attention to physical sensations, like the weight of your hands in your lap or your breath moving in and out of your lungs.

801-452-4168 Mrs. Anhder

1-800-456-7707 Covid Hotline Utah

801-452-4168 Mrs. Anhder

1-800-456-7707 Covid Hotline Utah

1-801-387-5500 McKay Dee Behavioral/Mental Health

1-801-625-3700 Weber Human Services

1-801-476-1127 Center for Grieving Children

1-801-213-3599 Primary Children's Center for Counseling

  • 1-801-452-4168 Mrs. Anhder

Mindfulness Activities you can do at Home