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If your student is absent, please call the ATTENDANCE OFFICE at 801-452-4701 to excuse their absence. All absences need to be excused (sickness, dr. appointment, vacation, etc.) If your student only misses part of a school day, please call in to excuse their partial absence as well.

If you are going on vacation, please call ahead of time so that the student is excused for all days missed. Students also need to pick up a Prearranged Absence Form in the main office from Mrs. Shaw. The student will then take this form around to their teachers to fill out homework assignments that need to be completed while gone. Please have the student check with all teachers when they return to make sure that there were no additional assignments added.

In addition, if your student is being checked out, you need to come in to the Main Office and sign them out on the Check Out Sheet. This is the list that we go by to excuse those students who are being checked out.

One of Orion’s NEWEST clubs is looking for ANYONE who is interested in leadership, teamwork, & friendship! Visit: Orion.wsd.net for more info or contact Mrs. Lee, Room 302!

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Welcome back to the library! Orion Titans are great readers, and we love having you visit the library often. Please be sure to check out the link to the library from the Orion website. On this webpage you will find lots of great information to help throughout the year. Our library catalog is there, so you can see what books we have to offer. Don’t miss SORA - our ebook app! You can download Sora to your phone, tablet, chromebook, or desktop and read books wherever you go. There are even lots of audiobooks available to you for FREE on Sora! If you need help logging in, or if you have any library-related questions, please stop by and ask. We are here from 7:15 to 3:15, and are open during lunches. (Ask us for a Library Lunch Pass.)

Happy Reading, Titans!


The Drama Department is back at work after summer break. The Drama I students are working on storytelling, Theatre Design students are working a on set design for Asenic and Old Lace, Drama II students are working on directing, and Play Productions is in rehearsals for the fall plays: An Absolutely True Story (as told by a bunch of lying liars) and The Game of Tiaras. The students were also pleased to have professional pantomimist, Cary Trivanovich, come and give a Master Class on the art of Pantomime. Auditions for Peter Pan have been set for November 19, with callbacks on the 20. Information packets will be available from Mrs. Zito, Mrs. Marriot, or the office after Nov. 1st. Peter Pan is open to the entire student body.

Softball Team


Averie Roylance

Kamryn Bosley

Kylee Walters

Julie Brasel

Brooklyn Chaparro

Brecklyn Dalpias

Tavry Barfuss

Zoey Morley


Josie Rich

Moria Tinsley

Brekyn Coleman

hailey Spear

Mia Barboza


Aliya Rhees

Lundyn Hearell

Kelcee Kimball

Mindy Frost


Aubryn Hawks

Savanna Meyers


Emery Willden

Marina Peterson

Marley Ozmun

Alyssa Anderson

Kali Hamilton

Hannah Pollard

Asha Rydalch

Eden Shaw

Eden DeVries

Megan Allen

Megan Taylor

Jessica Vielstich

Kynnady Close

Ellie Youngberg

Football Players

Angel Chavez

Caleb Stoker

Daxtyn Valdez

Jayden Hernandez

Jeses Melendrez

Kenyon Marks

Mason Hawes

Taysen Hadley

Victor Aparicio

Josiah Eaglefeather

Cameron Fairbanks

Anden Broos

Caiden Croxford

Christian Rogers

Donevan Suarez

Ethan Strebel

Grant Dunn

Hayden Hansen

Hunter Ferguson