Mr. Womack

T.H. Bell Junior High

Hello and welcome to my Google site. This site is designed to help you find anything that we have done in class. Here is a quick guide to help you navigate this site. On the top you will see a tab for each class. If you click directly on these tabs it will take you to all the work we have done in class. If you click on the the arrow, it will bring down a drop down menu where you can access bell ringers, learning logs and current event information. My goal is to make it simple for you to be successful and keep up on the work in class. If you have any trouble navigating this site, please let me know directly so I can correct it.

If you are bored and feel like falling asleep, here is a little bit about myself. I am from the greatest state in the world. That is Idaho for you non-believers. I was able to grow up in the small town of Franklin, Idaho. I graduated from Preston High School in Preston, Idaho. Go Indians! I attended college and graduated from Weber State University with both my bachelors and masters degrees. Go Wildcats! I have taught at T.H. Bell Junior High School since 2007. I loved my experience teaching here so much, that in 2013 my family and I moved into the community. All three of my boys have attended or are currently attending T.H. Bell. I love teaching History because I have enthusiasm for the subject, and I love teaching junior high students because they have so much enthusiasm. I am proud to be a member of this community and to work at T.H. Bell. Go Minutemen!

Speaking of my family, I definitely married way above myself. My wife is the attendance secretary here at Bell and loves the school and community as well. I have three sons who are all Minutemen and/or Lakers. I love my family! I teach U.S. History, Utah Studies and Exploring Education. I also run the intramural program here at school and coach football and track. Some things I hope that you learn from my classes are that the past is always connected to the present, and that those who don't learn history tend to repeat it. If you work hard you will not have a problem being successful in my classes.