College Credits

Act 77 provides free-tuition college options for high school students through Dual Enrollment or Early College in Vermont, which allows high school students to earn both college credits and high school credits on their transcripts for the same courses. These college courses for high school juniors and seniors may reduce overall college costs while increasing interests in college completion. Students may also enroll in additional college courses while in high school, any additional courses beyond the free vouchers are paid by the student or family. There are some opportunities for reduced rates.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses at WRVHS are authorized by the College Board. High school students completing college-level AP curricula are prepared for standardized examinations; the results are used to determine advancement of college coursework. Please see WRVS's guidance staff for more information.

Advanced Placement courses at WRVHS

WRVHS Advanced Placement (AP) courses prepare students for the national Advanced Placement examinations conducted in May. Examination results may exempt students from introductory level college courses, enabling students to enroll in higher level college courses. Depending upon the American college or university, students who obtain high examination scores may advance their college placement or receive respective credits.

AP Courses offered at WRVHS are listed in the Program of Academic Studies (link). Other courses may offer the Advanced Placement examination, as determined on a yearly basis. Please inquire with guidance. More information is on the AP-College Board website.

Dual Enrollment at area colleges

Vermont students are allowed to take two free college courses at Vermont colleges and universities tuition-free, using dual enrollment vouchers. This option is available for high school juniors or seniors, plus students or families may pay for additional courses beyond the two free options. The colleges closest WRVHS are Vermont Technical College and the Community College of Vermont. The guidance office can provide more information at: 'VT Dual Enrollment Information'

Students may choose to enroll in a summer college courses, instead of during the school semester. This enables students to travel further, such as the University of Vermont. Note: through the Governor's Institute, Environmental Science students may earn UVM science credit for free by using a voucher.

Early College/VAST

During a Vermont students' senior year of high school, a student may enroll for Early College to also complete high school graduation requirements at the same time. So while enrolled and attending an approved, tuition-free 'early college' program as a college freshman, the student is also completing high school graduation requirements as a senior. WRVHS students have primarily attended Vermont Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) at Vermont Technical College. Once the student graduates from high school, he or she may continue education at the college or transfer applicable credits to their new college. Most state colleges will accept these credits towards college graduation, but this depends upon the college attending. See additional information from the Agency of Education at 'Early College'. See guidance for details.

Dartmouth College-Community Student Program

Dartmouth College offers this half credit/half year course for eligible eleventh and twelfth graders. Recommendation of appropriate WRVHS official and an application is required. Eligible WRVHS students may take up to four courses (1 course a term) at Dartmouth College, free of charge. Juniors may take up to 2 courses (Winter & Spring terms); Seniors may take 3 courses (Fall, Winter, & Spring terms). Families are responsible for transportation, textbooks, and supplies. Courses may be limited per Dartmouth prerequisites. See guidance for details.