Career Preparation

Community Based Learning (CBL)

      • CBL can be an unpaid or paid internship for students to gain perspectives of the working world during a predetermined learning time. Students discover the realities of occupations and careers while gaining personal, academic and career goals. Internships are guided by a training plan, and articulated in an agreement between the student, parents, employer, and the school's CBL educator.
      • If CBL is a paid internship, the experience tends to be entry level, so all parties will work to ensure new learning opportunities.
      • CBL Prerequisites:
          1. Age 16 years old -and- a Jr. or Sr. in high school (or recommendation)
          2. Good academic standing
          3. Good attendance record (reliable)
          4. Provide your own transportation (if needed)
      • Requirements: Student participants must complete a consent and agreement form outlining roles, legalities, responsibilities, expectations and a training plan between all individuals; complete regular reports (journal and time), and a related project. Placements observe Federal Fair Labor Standards Act, including the Primary Beneficiary Test to determine if an internship is paid or unpaid, as outlined in the agreement forms. See 'FORMS' page and CBL Educator for assistance.