Career Exploration

1. Career Learning Projects

      • Career Exploration activities to support development of a student project may include career interviews and professional workplace visits, which may occur as a school-related absence; permission is required. See 'FORMS' page.

2. Job Shadow Experiences

      • Job shadowing provides students with career exploration during middle school or high school. The student observes an employee at their workplace, generally for a day, to experience realistic job expectations in a particular occupation or industry. If a business can provide further opportunities, then other job shadows may be arranged; especially if a number of different departments or employees can provide broader perspectives.
      • Job shadowing experiences are short-term, non-paid experiences intended to give students a snapshot of the workplace and careers. This enables the student to gather information and personally reflect upon observations. A student, family, educator, guidance, or CBL educator could arrange these experiences, with school oversight. See 'FORMS' page.

3. Volunteer Service

      • WRVS students who volunteer to ‘make the world a better place’ may earn recognition for their work by helping public or non-profit organizations (i.e. library, Red Cross, school, fire department, public hospital, school, nursing home, government agency). Students may use more than one type of approved activity to accumulate service hours. Summer hours are encouraged. Service activities frequently occur outside of scheduled class time, but exceptions apply.
      • Generally the student, sometimes with family support, arranges volunteer service activities with a non-profit or government agency representative. Some service activities may occur through participation in a school club or a class service project. All high school students are encouraged to participate in volunteer service.
      • Reporting methods for service activities/hours should be discussed with the CBL educator. If leaving the school to participate in a regular service activity, then permission is needed. See 'FORMS' page.

Students are encouraged to make summer count, following is the presentation that was shared grades 6-12 at morning meeting and then digitally.

What to do this summer? (Slide show link.)