Career Awareness

    1. Career Awareness within Classes (examples):
      • On Your Own (OYO)
      • Personal Finance
      • Independent Study
          • Students work with teacher and mentor (with approval from an administrator) to create a self-designed learning plan that is not available to the student through the regular schedule. Students must be self-directed and disciplined to successfully complete this course. An educator helps to oversee intended learning outcomes with the student. See 'FORMS' page.

More information about classes is provided in the WRVHS Program of Studies.

2. Special Activities for Career Awareness within Advisory

    • WRVHS offers Academic Pathways (by grade level all students receive career exposure and preparation instruction, plus participate in social-emotional learning) and Advisory Groups (smaller, mixed groups of HS students with one teacher to monitor school progress, assess goals, and plan for learning).
    • Interest Inventories: Students are encouraged to try different interest inventories to help identify aptitudes for career areas. Examples of interest inventories and assessments include: O*NET OnLine and VSAC's Exploring Careers Options.

3. Career Field Trips or Field Studies

      • Business tours are arranged for students to gain information about the industry, occupations, and the required knowledge, skills and training. Career field studies can be arranged for one student, a class, or for a career-interest group. Students should be prepared for the experience with appropriate activities before, during and after the event. With the help of family, a professional contact, educator, or guidance, students may arrange for an experience. See 'FORMS' page.

4. College Fairs, College Tours, College Visits

      • Through the guidance office, students may attend college fairs and arrange for college visits. The guidance office also hosts college representatives, and facilitates meetings about preparing for college. Families are encouraged to independently schedule and complete college visits. See guidance for details.

5. Informational Trips to Technical Centers

      • The guidance office arranges for these visits during eighth and ninth grade. Optional group and individual field trips are arranged during high school.
      • Information about the local Career and Technical Centers (link).