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The Title IX Final Rules, issued May 19, 2020, mandate that all Title IX recipients follow a specific procedure for investigating formal complaints of sexual harassment covered under Title IX, including sexual violence. The Title IX Grievance Process is developed and enforced according to WRSD’s obligations under the U.S. Department of Education’s Final Title IX Rule of May 19, 2020. To review the Final Rule, please click link below:

This web page is dedicated to providing Students, Families, Advisors, Staff, and those with key roles in the process (Investigators/Decision-makers, Title IX Coordinators) with the resources necessary to ensure our community is in compliance with Title IX and are able to combat instances of sexual harassment should they arise.

All employees of WRSD are required to read policy ACAC and understand what constitutes sexual harassment and what they are to do if they become aware of sexual harassment involving any student or staff member while on school property or involved with a school based activity. In addition to our staff being mandatory reporters, the District encourages students, families, or other members of our community to report instances of known or suspected sexual harassment on school property or during school related activities to our Title IX Coordinator:

Jeremiah Lamson

  • via email - jlamson@wrsdsau59.org

  • via phone - (603) 286-4116

  • via in person, by mail, by package delivery service, or by courier - 433 West Main St, Tilton, NH 03276

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