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What is a Technology Integration Specialist?

Technology Integration Specialists are experienced classroom teachers who coach their adult colleagues in technologies that improve teaching and learning. We work at the intersection of technology, curriculum, and pedagogy to ensure student learning occurs.

As a team, we support teachers by planning with them, researching solutions, co-teaching, and guest teaching. We train teachers on new technologies, and then we follow through with additional coaching and data collection. For self-learners in the faculty, we create training materials and provide resources to guide their learning.

We research and evaluate the safety, usability, accessibility, and curricular alignment of digital learning platforms, and we provide data and feedback to our administrators so that they can best support you as teachers. 

Is Technology Integration the same as IT?

We get this question a lot! The TIS team members work closely with the IT staff throughout the district, but our responsibilities and areas of expertise are different. The IT team maintains access to networks, hardware and software services, and the rest of our digital infrastructure. The TIS team trains teachers to use learning technologies effectively to increase student engagement and achievement.

Put very broadly, IT makes sure that everyone has the technology tools they need, while the TIS folks make sure that staff know how best to use this technology. We've addressed this in more detail in a helpful "Who Do I Call?" document.

Where does Assistive Technology fit in? 

The Assistive Tech team works with students who have IEPs to ensure that they have the additional technology tools they need to access school curriculum. AT team members can evaluate a student's needs and match them to appropriate tools. Learn more at the Assistive Tech team's website.

Getting in touch is easy!

If you are facing a challenge in your planning or instruction, and you're unsure who to ask, feel free to start with us! We can help you find answers and put you in touch with the right colleagues. The easiest way to connect with us is via the WRSD Helpdesk - reach out any time with your questions.