College, Career & Volunteer Center

Our Mission:

To serve as a resource for all students in providing college and career exploration/planning, volunteer opportunities and more to cultivate unique and information-based visions for post-secondary success.

What is it?

The College, Career & Volunteer Center offers a variety of services and support for students to enhance their Academic and Career Planning.

Students are encouraged to stop by to ask questions and take advantage of unique resources made available to them which include:

  • Assistance with Career Cruising
  • Creating and/or Editing Resumes
  • College Representative Visits
  • FAFSA Application Assistance
  • Fall and Spring College Campus Tours
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Job Shadowing Opportunities
  • Mock Interviews
  • Summer Employment Representative Visits
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • 4 Year, Technical, and Private College Information
  • Military Representative Visits
  • And much more!

Questions? Contact Mrs. Stieve, College, Career & Volunteer Coordinator 715-424-6750 x 4030