The Writer's Connection

A writer's group in Bangor Maine.

A free and open writing group offering support, criticism, and advice for writers on the path to publication.



  • Where: The Bangor Public Library - Board Room
      • Enter through the cafe entrance, take an immediate left. The room is behind a glass wall near the stairway.
  • When: Tuesdays from 5:00-7:00.
  • As of 5/27, free parking in the lot across the street begins at 4:45.


  • All forms of writing accepted.
  • Critiques of other's works are voluntary.
  • Posting: done through a shared Google Drive folder.
  • Post by Saturday evening (include names and page numbers).
  • No more than three pieces per week (one per person).
  • Do not explain your piece before it's been read.
      • Give as little context as possible (e.g. "this is an excerpt").
  • Keep the weekly word count below 10,000 words between all pieces.
      • If your piece is too long, break it up or save it for the next meeting.

If you live outside the Bangor area and would like to participate, see the Outreach Program.

Submissions for the coming week:

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List of active members:

  1. Bob Peddicord (
  2. Eric Arnold (
  3. Kate Giffin (
  4. Skip Schwarz (
  5. Vicki Ziemer (