Copywriting Prices

How much does copywriting cost?

Quick tip: if you want copywriting done on the cheap go to Fiverr, or Freelancer or some other site where you'll find someone who'll do it for very little money.

There's nothing wrong with using these sites. We've got work from them in the past. If price is the most important factor in your choice of copywriter, you'll find someone there who is cheaper than us.

How our pricing works

For every piece of work we're asked to consider, we give you a price based on our assessment of what's involved.

It's not a fixed price, but if we need to change it, we'll tell you as soon as we can, and we'll explain why.

We ask for a deposit in advance, of up to 50%.

We do not charge VAT.

What we DON'T do

We don't:

  • Provide free samples

  • Charge per word

  • Or even charge by the hour

Our prices are based on the value we provide. Do you think the person who came up with 'Thank different' as the slogan for Apple was paid by the word?

Our charges reflect the time we put into your copy - and this includes thinking time. It's said that copywriting is 80% thinking and 20% putting those thoughts on the page.

Our charges also reflect our experience. You probably know the story of the company with a massive machine that didn't work. They tried everything they could think of, then called in a retired engineer. He fixed the problem in minutes. He know how, because he had decades of experience.

Example prices

To give you an idea of what you might pay, here are some guide prices.

  • Blog post, 600 words, minimal research £120

  • Blog post, 600-1,000 words with some research £180

  • Blog post 1,000-1,200 words with in-depth research £350

  • Website copy (like this site) - from £1,000 upwards.

Businesses that understand the power of words will invest in high-quality copywriting. It's an investment that pays back for years.

To get a price estimate for your project, get in touch - email

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