Ten years of writing for businesses

Do you believe that words have an amazing power to influence people? We do, because we see it happen every day.

There's a reason why the big brands spend thousands on creating short, snappy slogans and by-lines. When you hear 'Just do it', 'Think different' and 'Have a break' - what comes to mind?

Probably Nike, Apple and KitKat.

Words have power.

That power isn't just for the big brands, and it isn't restricted to short marketing slogans. Every word that you use in your business has the power to influence your customers, your staff and even you.

We - Andrew and Rachel Knowles - have been helping businesses access that power for over a decade.

Andrew Knowles - B2B Copywriter

I became a freelance copywriter in 2010 because I love writing and I love business. I've been writing ever since I... learned to write. The business side came later. In my early career I discovered that I enjoyed being involved in business operations.

I trained as an accountant, then spent ten years as a consultant and trainer, helping big companies implement complex finance systems. By 2010 I decided it was time to go freelance as a writer for business.

As a second string to my bow, I've also delivered many training classes to business owners, showing them how to use social media for marketing.

Rachel Knowles - Author and Proofreader

Not every writer has a proofreader's eye. This is the special skill that Rachel brings to Writecombination. She's the one who spots typos, rogue apostrophes or dodgy grammar.

Every piece of work we produce is submitted to her eye for double-checking. An excellent proofreader is the copywriter's best friend.

Rachel is also a writer, mainly of historical romantic fiction. She's also an excellent researcher, and has been publishing her historical research on her Regency History blog for around a decade.

Are we the Writecombination for you?

Over the last ten years our clients have ranged from fish and chips to blue chip. That is, our local fish and chip shop through to Deloitte, a global consultancy firm.

We've written blog posts, website copy, case studies, how-to guides, copy for infographics and slide presentations, social media posts, ebooks and much more besides.

Our speciality is B2B, no-nonsense copy. Clear, concise, creative. Words that inform and influence people.

If you believe that words have the amazing power to influence people, and you want to put that power to work in your business - get in touch.



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