Welcome to Trencenseptia!

This Week's Trencenseptia Times

~ October 23-November 2 ~

Important Information

  • Conferences ~ Conferences for our class will be held Nov. 13-15. You can sign up now through Monday the 29th here. The password is tigers. Please note that Trencenseptian conferences are parent-student-child, so please be sure to pick a time when your child can join us as well. I’m looking forward to meeting with all of you!

  • Proof of Residency ~ If you’ve already turned in proof of residency to the school, thank you! If not, please bring or send it in as soon as possible. Thank you!

  • Red Ribbon Week ~ We’re already two days into this celebration of health and good choices. On Friday we’ll get to meet with and learn about our local law enforcement officers! Please see Mr. Middleton’s Sunday Message for the specific spirit days for the next week.

  • Footloose Field Trip ~ Next Friday is our first field trip! There are a few important things to know:
    • Your child needs to dress in “theater attire.” This means dressing up more than normal school clothes for most of us. If your child would like to change to more casual clothes after the play, they are welcome to bring a change of clothes.
    • We’ll be getting back to school after lunchtime is over, so everyone needs to bring a lunch from home.

  • Field Trip Chaperones ~ I did my best to accommodate requests and have every volunteer attend at least one trip. If you signed up to volunteer, you should have heard from me yesterday. If you did not, or if you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you so much for your help!! We’re incredibly fortunate to have an abundance of volunteers in our class :)


  • Auditions went great today! I’m so proud of these kiddos’ courage! Everyone had their line and song memorized, and they got right up in front of the class to speak and sing. What an accomplishment! I’ll be working on casting this week and weekend, and the kids will learn their parts on Monday!

  • The big TTWE projects that the kids have been working on with their houses are turning out great, and our first student-taught lesson is tomorrow. The kids have been working very hard and have been learning some great cooperation and teamwork skills along with the social studies content.

  • Presentations of the “When I Was Little” pieces are off to a great start! Every student will be reading his/her piece to the class and receiving feedback from their peers. It’s already a lot of fun--we have a group of great writers!

What We're Learning

  • Puzzling (aka Math) ~ 4th grade has just finished Topic 5, number sense with one-digit multiplication, and will be working on fluency with this skill in Topic 6. 5th grade is also finishing up Topic 5, where we worked on dividing by two-digit divisors, and will be learning how to multiply decimals in Topic 6. Both grades work on challenge activities, spiral review, and fact practice, and will be taking the benchmark test on skills learned in Topics 1-4. In case your child forgets to bring the homework home, it’s also available at pearsonrealize.com. Your child’s password will be in the back inside cover of the planner.

  • Language Arts ~ We started our first whole-class novel, Hatchet. We’ll be learning a variety of skills, including identifying elements of literature, summarizing, analyzing characters and plot, identifying and explaining figurative language (simile, metaphor, hyperbole, personification), identifying theme, and learning new vocabulary. We’re working on nonfiction reading skills through our Time for Kids magazines and TTWE lessons. Our grammar focus is apostrophe usage. Additionally we’re reading independently, meeting for reading conferences, and having read aloud. ABC (the Awesome Book Club) is reading Holes Thursdays at lunch.

  • TTWE (Time Travel and World Exploration, aka Social Studies) ~ In our first unit we’re exploring the states and regions of the US, the American Indians indigenous to four main regions, and how each region’s geography and climate influenced the lifestyles of the people who lived there. Students are currently studying a specific American Indian cultural region, and they are working with their housemates to teach a lesson on their region’s indigenous people to the class. We also practice Daily Geography to develop our map skills and understanding of the world.

  • PE ~ We’re wrapping up our basketball unit, practicing yoga on Fridays, and playing team games with Mr. Souto on Tuesdays. We’ll also be learning the first dance in our play this week!

  • Arts ~ Our incredible art docents guide our class in excellent art lessons each Wednesday. This week the kids created a collaborative project for our Veterans’ Day assembly. We’ll be working hard on performing arts during the upcoming months with play rehearsals--huzzah!