Welcome to Trencenseptia!

This Week's Trencenseptia Times

~ August 16-25 ~

Welcome to an amazing year in 4th and 5th grade! I’m excited to get our awesome adventures started!

Important Information

  • Back to School Night ~ I'm looking forward to seeing you next Thursday, August 23 for Back to School Night! 4th and 5th grade’s time is 5:00-5:25. Our class will be having a special presentation, so be sure to bring your student!

  • P.E. Preparedness ~ Please be sure that every day your kiddo either wears or brings good P.E. shoes, is dressed to be active, and has a water bottle. We will also be doing yoga once a week, so a yoga mat is definitely nice to have but isn't required.

  • Homework ~ Trencenseptians will have homework Monday through Friday, which they will write down in their planners. Please check to see that all homework has been completed and sign the planner daily. We’ll talk more about homework roles and expectations at Back to School Night.

What We're Learning

  • Puzzling (aka Math) ~ For our first topic of study. 4th grade will be working on meanings and facts for multiplication and division, and 5th grade will be working with place value. Both grades will have daily math homework--please remind your child to check his/her planner each day for the day's assignment. In case your child forgets to bring the workbook home, it’s also available at pearsonrealize.com. Your child’s passwords will be in the back inside cover of the planner.

  • Language Arts ~ We will be working with the icons of depth and complexity, creating and learning to use our Reader's Notebook, reading independently and having read aloud daily, and learning about and practicing using our Writer's Notebooks. We'll also be working on a variety of nonfiction reading and writing skills in TTWE.

  • TTWE (Time Travel and World Exploration, aka Social Studies) ~ This year we'll be studying United States history. In our first unit we’ll be exploring the states and regions of the US, the American Indians indigenous to four main regions, and how each region’s geography and climate influenced the lifestyles of the people who lived there.

  • PE ~ We're doing our first yoga practice and playing team games this week.

  • Arts ~ Students will be decorating the covers of their Reader’s and Writer’s Notebooks and will be creating a surprise project for Back to School Night!

  • Other ~ We start our day with our Magic Morning Meeting and our Daily Journal, where the kids and I write letters back and forth, set intentions for the day, and reflect on how the day went. The next few weeks we'll continue to work on learning procedures and expectations using our Manual of Awesomeness.

Thank you for all you do to support your child's education!