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September 21, 2020

Please take the time to read a message from our school nurse in regards to physicals.

A note from our Nurse

September 3, 2020

MAP testing is coming soon. Please click the following links before the test date to prepare.

Diagnostic Check for computer readiness

What is MAP?

Getting ready for MAP

MAP tools

Practice Test Click on "Try the practice test"(Username: Grow, Password: Grow)

August 25, 2020

Students should be following their new schedule today. Check in for all classes! Attend all classes!

One week into school - does you child have missing work? They can check to see if they have missing work by looking at their list of missing assignments in Google Classroom.

August 24, 2020


1) Students must check their email for new Google Classroom codes. Many schedules, including teachers, have changed. By the end of the day, if you see a problem, please contact your counselor.

2) Please follow your schedule from last week. Make sure to check in to all classes. The new schedule will start tomorrow, August 25.

August 16. 2020

Tomorrow is the first day of school for 2020-21. In this website, you can find teachers' Google Classroom codes, links to Google Meet sessions, teacher information, expectations, and more. Please note that this is a work-in-progress, and due to some teachers being recently hired that not all pages will be complete. Please be patient if you cannot find all information on this site. Teachers may also be contacting students through email or parents and students through Remind. Don't forget to check all those locations.

On Monday, please attempt to join class sessions at the times indicated by the teachers. Email teachers if there is a problem.

July 28, 2020

Benny teachers will communicate grade-level announcements on this page. On each subject page, assignments, and summaries of learning for each week will be posted. Sub-pages within each subject will introduce you to teachers and any specific classroom expectations, contact information for the teacher, schedules, and more. Resources will provide links to other important information.

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Remote Learning Bell Schedule

Student Drop-In 8:00-8:25

1st 8:30-9:00

2nd 9:05-9:35

3rd 9:40-10:10

4th 10:15-10:45

Break 10:45-11:00

5th 11:05-11:35

6th 11:40-12:10

7th 12:15-12:45

8th 12:50-1:20

9th 1:25-1:55

Student/Parent Drop-In 1:55-2:15