Wills Point ISD

Technology Badging Program

As we encourage and inspire our students to embrace learning and a love for it, as educators, we also never stop learning as we develop our profession and continuously meet the ever-changing needs of our students which demand our attention to new knowledge every day.

Toward that effort, we seek to find and utilize the technology tools that BEST suit the needs of the classroom and each student individually. Teachers in Wills Point ISD have the opportunity to implement different technology tools with an assortment of devices and applications available to teachers and students on every campus. This BADGING system provides a motivation, inspiration and recognition for teachers who seek to innovate their classrooms and instruction in more engaging ways.

The badging system has 3 levels of technology tools that increasingly become more challenging as you advance to the ultimate level of TIGER TECH and become an invaluable resource on your campus.

The first level must have 6 badges completed before you can be considered a Level 1 Techie.

The second level must have 5 badges earned before you may advance to a Level 2 Techie.

The third level must have 4 badges earned before you may advance to an official TIGER TECH.

Click on the levels below to see which badges are included within each level as well as the requirements that go with each badge. You can apply for a badge at any time once you have confirmed that all the requirements have been met.

Want to recognize a peer who has inspired or helped you with a digital tool or strategy??