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Our Mission

The Park Pulse podcast is created and produced by the Broadcast Communications students of Wheeling Park High School in Wheeling, West Virginia. One of our many goals as a team is to inform listeners about topics of interest at the school, local, and national level.

How important is sleep to teenagers? In episode 1 of "The Park Pulse," we focus on the importance of sleep for teens and how a later high school start time just might be the answer to many of the problems that affect teenagers' lives.

FEATURED GUEST: Dr. Wendy Troxel

What's it mean to be a Democrat? A Republican? Does my vote count? Learn the basics of the United States presidential election process. An important primer for these turbulent times.

FEATURED GUEST: Ryan Stanton, AP Government teacher at WPHS

How do I pay for college? Should I get a credit card? How do I establish credit? Get answers to these and other questions in this episode.


COVID-19 has left its mark on the world in a myriad of ways. In this podcast, a group of seniors share their thoughts about living in a global pandemic and how it changed their long-awaited rites of passage: prom, senior dinner dance, graduation. As a result, there will be "Blank Pages in the Yearbook" where their final high school memories should have been.

On March 13, 2020, teachers said goodbye to their students, thinking they would see them in several weeks after the spread of COVID-19 was contained. But that didn't happen. That day was the last day they would see their students in their classrooms. For teachers of seniors, this realization hit hard. Listen to some Park teachers sharing their feelings about how they feel about those "Empty Seats in the Classroom."

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