Year 11 Intervention

At Parents’ Evening you were given your Intervention Timetable. Those of you who staff have said you need to attend the sessions, already have them printed on your timetable but they are open for all pupils in that group to attend. These sessions will run from 3pm and will last 30 to 45 minutes maximum. Although it is not compulsory to attend, it is in your best interests to attend as the revision and support will enable you to make the best progress you can.

This year, the staff are also providing times where you can pre-book 1-to-1 slots; the times that staff are available were printed on the back of your intervention timetable. On Reception, is a PINK FOLDER that contains the booking sheets for the following week and it is your responsibility to book a slot for the following week – you will already know what knowledge or skill you need 1-to-1 help with so use the time to gain that support. Staff are no longer ‘on demand’ and, when asked for support, staff will direct you to book a slot in the PINK FOLDER. It is your responsibility to inform the staff of the topic, attend the session or let them know you cannot attend.

Key Points

  • Afterschool Intervention sessions follow a 2-week timetable and run from 3 until 3-30 / 3.45 pm
  • Make sure you know where to go to for your session or your 1-to-1 slot
  • Attend Intervention sessions – especially if you have been identified by your teacher
  • If you disrupt the session, you will be asked to leave
  • Book 1-to-1 sessions on Reception in the PINK FOLDER – you have a copy of what times staff are available
  • If you cannot attend, please let the staff know
  • The booking sheets for the current week will be on the noticeboard in Reception as from the Monday morning
  • If you have any questions – ASK!