About the Committee

The first step in conducting a merger study is to form a Merger Study Committee. The makeup of this committee is entirely up to the participating districts.

The Schenevus and Worcester boards of education have agreed on a 20-member committee, with 10 representatives from each community — five of which will be community members.

What the committee will do

The committee is at the heart of the merger study process. Together, committee members will work with consultants from Castallo & Silky to consider topics such as:

  • classes and/or staffing;

  • building configurations by grade level;

  • bus runs and/or drivers;

  • potential staffing savings; and

  • financial impact of merger

Join the Merger Study Committee

Complete a Merger Study Application and return to your district office by March 27 to be considered for the committee.

If you would like to serve on the committee, please be prepared to meet the following expectations:

  • Attend all committee meetings (see schedule below).

  • Freely express points of view.

  • Be a key communicator with others in the community.

  • Be respectful of the committee and the study process.

  • Be a positive contributing member in any other committee activities.

Meeting schedule

The committee will meet monthly from April through November in alternating locations. The following dates are tentative, but give an idea of the commitment required from committee members:

  • April 27: Schenevus

  • May 18: Worcester

  • June 15: Schenevus

  • July 27: Worcester

  • Sept. 14: Schenevus

  • Oct. 19: Worcester

  • Nov. 16: Schenevus