About the Committee

The first step in conducting a merger study is to form a Merger Study Committee. The Schenevus and Worcester boards of education agreed to form a 20-member committee, with 10 representatives from each district — five of which are community members.

The committee's role

The committee is at the heart of the merger study process. Together, committee members will work with consultants from Castallo & Silky to consider topics such as:

  • classes and/or staffing;

  • building configurations by grade level;

  • bus runs and/or drivers;

  • potential staffing savings; and

  • financial impact of merger

Committee Members

Community members and staff from both districts were invited to apply to join the committee. The following committee members were selected (listed alphabetically):

District employees

  • Misty Blanchard, Worcester support staff

  • Christine Gollin, Schenevus teacher

  • Ashley Head, Worcester teacher

  • Leah Johnson, Worcester support staff

  • Rebecca Lampron, Schenevus teacher

  • Melissa Leonard, Worcester administrator

  • Kimberly Matthews, Schenevus administrator

  • Theresa Mellor, Schenevus support staff

  • Miranda Morell, Schenevus teaching assistant

  • Andy Odell, Worcester teacher

Community members

  • Jennifer Andrews, Schenevus community member

  • Harold Bristol, Worcester community member

  • Jim Conroe, Worcester community member

  • Michelle Empie, Worcester community member

  • Kathryn Fredette, Schenevus community member

  • Justin Frost, Worcester community member

  • Dawn Geiskopf, Worcester community member

  • Robert Huntington, Schenevus community member

  • Alyssa Oliveri, Schenevus community member

  • Sandra Salisbury, Schenevus community member

Merger Study Committee Documents

Meeting 11/16/2020 Documents

Meeting Notes-11.16.20.docx

Meeting 10/19/2020 Documents


The Merger Committee held its final meeting in October. It is expected that the consultants will present a draft of the merger study report in November. Following the preparation of the draft report, the study must be reviewed by the state Department of Education before it can be formally presented to the two school boards for their review.

To view the Zoom recording, use the passcode #%JF2hmr

Meeting Notes-10.19.20.docx

Meeting Notes

Meeting 9/14/2020 Documents

PPT-9.14.20x (1).pptx

Meeting Notes

Meeting 8/10/2020 Documents


Meeting Presentation

Meeting Notes-8.10.20

Meeting Notes

Meeting 7/27/2020 Documents

Merger Committee Meeting July 27 2020.pdf


Merger Study Presentation

Meeting 6/15/2020 Documents

June 15th Meeting Agenda

Copy of Agenda.pdf

June 15th Meeting Presentation

Copy of June 15, 2020 Meeting 1 PPT.pdf
PPT-Board on Mergers-1.22.20.pdf

Presentation on Merger Studies and Committees

In January 2020, the Schenevus and Worcester communities heard a presentation about the merger study process from consultants Alan Pole and Deb Ayers of Castallo & Silky LLC. The slide presentation linked here contains the information that was presented in that forum.