Our mission statement is to 'Inspire world-class academic achievement'. My goal as the Director of Technology for the Wooster City School District is to continue to hold that statement near and dear. Technology has the ability to transform learning in unimaginable ways when it is used with purpose to enhance the great pedagogy and work that is put forth by our teachers and staff. We create world-class academic achievement every day in our district and my focus is to continue striving for greatness in our school system.

We are able to achieve our mission by focusing on our vision, to empower the whole person, and create a culture that embraces diversity and promotes the development of social, emotional and physical well-being of our students and staff. By keeping this vision we are able to meet people where they are and help to move them forward. That is an approach I have used throughout my many years as a technology coach and I would love to continue that approach on a wider scale to impact our district as a whole.