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What is Wooqer?

Wooqer is an App for Ops

Wooqer is headquartered in San Jose, California, USA. It is a cloud-based platform that aims at providing 360-degree view at store/ branch/ dealership level view to the HQ in terms of overall performance of the store.

The Wooqer platform is multi-dimensional and includes collaboration, communication, content sharing, data gathering, insights to enable decision making and more. All on a single unified consumer style easy-to-use mobile first platform that balances the enterprise governance aspects of confidentiality, privacy and security.

Wooqer has some tall order achieved in our brief timeline. Today it boasts of the clientele that

includes Adidas, Walmart, Under Armour, TATA Group.

Is Wooqer for you?

Wooqer is for employees who want to bring their ideas to life, managers who want detailed reports to

support their decisions, and companies who need the highest level of security and governance for their

mission-critical data. The platform is already driving value and engagement across enterprises, not-forprofit

institutions, and retailers around the globe.

You can download the app through Google Playstore(Android), App Store(iOS) and access it through

the web.

In case, you wish to explore the product, you can request for a demo from the Company's website