St. Louis, USA

JORD is a family-owned & operated company headquartered in St Louis, Missouri. JORD is known for allowing its inspiration to come from nature and finding innovative ways to emphasize its diversity & beauty through design.

At JORD, one can find a huge selection of natural timepieces, stylish Apple bands in exotic wood & leather, unique eyewear & hats.

Natural Materials


Often inspired my contemporary architecture, JORD uses materials such as wood, metal, and stone.

Sustainable & Reclaimed

  • We abide by CITES and are mindful of the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) list of threatened species.
  • Some of our woods are sourced from trees that have already fallen naturally
  • Other, more exotic woods come from furniture remnants

Build into each Jord Accessory is the quality and finish that has sustained our brand. The effort applied to each detail does not go unnoticed by our clients. Quality and finish weighs heavily on the selection of wood and natural materials.

Jord’s reputation for quality & reliability persists as we continue to pioneer materials and processes for natural timepiece crafting. Our material selections and processing are just a few of the many factors that make Jord the innovative brand it continues to be.

Gift & Customize

The huge selection and ability to customize makes JORD a great place to look for gifts!

Custom professional sizing & personalized engraving is available on watch back plates as well as cedar humidor display boxes.

Generous returns and exchanges, free worldwide shipping, along with great warranties make purchases for loved ones worry-free.

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