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Welcome to our Wellbeing at Woodstock website.

We all find ourselves in a very difficult situation. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone in our community in significant ways. Many of us are in self-isolation, many of us have been wrenched away from our school friends and our normal daily school life has been significantly disrupted. We are shifting to a whole new learning paradigm and both teachers and students are on a steep learning curve as we all work together to make the best of a really tough situation. Added to this, our screens are filled with constant bad news about the worsening global situation. At these times it is understandable that we feel quite overwhelmed and stressed. In our minds there are constant worries about various unfolding scenarios: What happens if someone I love becomes ill and I can’t get to see them? What will happen about my college applications? Will my AP exams still happen and how will I do them? How will I stay motivated when stuck on my own at home? What happens if I leave the country and my visa is cancelled? All of these questions and worries put us under undue amounts of stress. Some of us also have the burden of not being able to access the things that we used to do for stress relief – we may not be able to play sport or meet with friends or go for hikes – and so our usual coping strategies are not available to us. So what can we do? How can we cope in these difficult times?

As the Wellbeing Team at Woodstock we invite you to use this website for resources and support:

Counselling Services we provide during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

At Woodstock we have a very active Counselling and Pastoral Care Program and during this uncertain time while students are learning in the virtual environment we have adapted our program to ensure that counselling services are still provided. We offer the following services to members of our community:

  • Online individual counselling sessions for students: These are confidential and can be booked through the "Contact Us" menu at the top of this page.

  • Individual parent sessions: These are psychoeducational sessions to assist parents who are struggling with supporting their children at home. Parents have approached us with concerns about discipline, stress, helping their children establish a routine, family conflict etc.

  • Online Support Groups: These can be arranged by staff, parents or students interested in a specific issue. For example, recently we ran a small group for students which focused on Grief and Bereavement. Following requests from students we are currently planning a group which will focus on "Building and Maintaining Friendships" If you are interested in a specific topic do email Catherine de Swardt (Through "Contact Us" Page)

  • Online Wellness sessions for parents according to year group: These are general Q and A sessions for large groups of parents which focus on how to maintain student wellness.

  • Peer Support Sessions: Woodstock has a trained team of Peer Supporters in G11 and G12 who assist the personal counsellors with group sessions. They also attend Personal Social and Health Education Classes with the younger students so that they can share their experiences with the younger students.

For college counseling related updates (i.e. about APs, SATs and college enrollment deadlines), please visit the College Counseling Research Site.

If you would like to speak to one of the Wellness Team please organise an appointment through the "Contact Us" page.

Managing Stress

Across the world psychologists and Public Health experts are researching and documenting the ways in which the Coronavirus pandemic is affecting our Mental Health. They are finding that high levels of stress and anxiety are increasingly prevalent as the pandemic continues.

We have more resources for managing stress and anxiety including practical videos and meditations on our Mental Wellbeing page (see menu above)

Managing Devices in a Healthy Way

Now more than ever it is really important to be aware of screen time. It is very easy to spend unending amounts of time on devices. Please be aware that this can lead to increased levels of anxiety and low mood. It is really important that you don't spend all day updating on situations that will make you feel increasingly under threat. Try and limit screen time to specific times of day - especially when updating on coronavirus news.

Wellness Apps

This is an article from the Independent, which reviews some mindfulness apps which may be helpful during this time. Try them out and let us know which ones you have found most useful and why.