Woodland Route 95



All students need to be at their designated bus stop at least 5 to 10 minutes prior to their scheduled time. Any number of transportation variables can occur that may cause your bus to be early or late. KWRL makes every attempt to mitigate transportation variables and conditions to arrive at the scheduled time within 5 minutes ±. If your student(s) misses the bus, the bus cannot come back without impacting all students on the route and thus parents will need to transport their student(s).

Route 95 (AM Morning Run)

Please select BUS ICON on Google MAP to determine Stop Times

Route 95 (PM Afternoon Run)

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If routes are safe and passable in the afternoon, we will return to normal routes. However, is a safety concern remains then snow routes will remain? If we definitively know that we will routes will remain on snow routes for both the a.m. and p.m. then we will make every effort to include that in our notices.


Updated 2/14/18

  • Will not travel beyond Wieri Rd. Meet bus at Wieri Rd at 9:30 AM/4:00 PM.
  • Will not travel Niemi Rd north of Lewis River Rd. Meet bus at Niemi Rd and Lewis River Rd at 9:08 AM/4:15 PM

* Snow and Ice can have adverse effects on road conditions and therefore routes are subject to change. When snow route are in effect, please be sure to revisit route page.

W Snow Route 95