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Portal Highlights

  • ALL Students needing school bus transportation for 2019-2020 will need to confirm and validate information in the KWRL Transportation Portal.
  • Skyward credentials required to access the KWRL Transportation Portal.
  • Final School Bus Information including Route Numbers, Stop Location, Pick Up and Drop Off Times will post in the KWRL Transportation Portal by August 15, 2019.
  • Emails will be used to help communicate to Parent and/or Guardian.

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KWRL office personnel is hard at work adjusting and refining bus routes for 2019-2020 school year. Please read the questions and answers below before calling the office.

  • Registering my student - My student was register to ride this year, do we still need to register them through the Portal?

A- Yes, this year, we are uploading registered Skyward information with the district and assigning bus routes based on district information. We are requiring ALL students to register to ride the school bus for 2019-2020 school year.

  • Alternate Stops - What if we need to register an alternate stop?

A - Alternate stops are frequently used for daycare or multiple family scenarios, throughout the year. In the portal, please select "Add Additional Location". Enter that information in the appropriate fields. KWRL office staff will validate the information with the district to ensure student transportation can be provided. If the alternate stop is approved, the school bus information will be uploaded into the student profile.

  • The portal indicates that my student's school from last school year and not for next school year. (Example Elementary School and not the Middle School) Do I still register them for the bus? I want to be sure that my student is assigned to the correct bus?

A - Yes, the information is correct. Skyward data is uploaded nightly into the portal , so the information you are seeing is current student information. After the school year ends, Skyward will automatically move and upgrade the student to the next grade includes changing of school building. Since we will not be assigning school bus routes to the portal profiles till the summer, we want the parent/guardian to validate and verify the information in the portal if the student(s) are requiring school bus transportation. Please register on the portal asap. One less thing you have to worry about during the summer.

  • Woodland Public Schools - The portal indicates that my student's school is Woodland Primary School and Woodland Intermediate School, yet my students will be attending North Fork Elementary School, do I still register them for the bus? I want to be sure that my student is assigned to the correct bus?

A -Yes - Please continue and register your student. As indicated above, Skyward data is uploaded nightly to the portal. The information you are seeing in the student profile is correct with CURRENT student information. Recently, Woodland Public Schools restructured the boundaries for the elementary buildings for 2019-2020. With these new boundaries, the district office has not updated Skyward with the new school buildings. Sometime during the summer, Woodland Public Schools will complete that task.

IF your student is planning to ride the school bus for next school year and will be in Kindergarten through 4th Grade and attending either North Fork Elementary School or Columbia Elementary School, the district office will be updating Skyward with the student(s) new school assignment.

TODAY please CONFIRM and VALIDATE your home address and contact information. After the district office completes the updates, KWRL will assign student based on the student's address and new building assignments.

  • When signing into the portal, I keep getting a "Unknown Error" when signing into the portal.?

A - A couple issues that maybe causing this error, first your Skyward information maybe not up to date. Therefore, reset your password through the district, (make sure is is the parent or guardian Skyward credentials and not the student Skyward credentials). Wait 24 hours or overnight before attempting to signing in again. The second issue we are seeing it parents who are using Explorer browser. Microsoft no longer supports the Explorer browser, and therefore their updates and not keeping up with current technology. We asked that you try using another browser such as Google or Fire Fox. In most cases, parents are successful registering their student(s). Make sure when your going to the portal through the KWRL website.

  • My student is new to the district and we do not have a skyward credentials, how do we register?

A - Please register your student with the school district, once your registered, the district will send you the Skyward credential information. Once you receive and reset your password, wait 24 hours or overnight before attempting to signing in again. If it's the summer and the district office is out of the office, you will need to wait for the district office to register your student into the Skyward system. FYI - Each school district has their own procedure on when they will issue Skyward credentials, please reach out to your district office for further details. Until then, your student registration maybe delayed until this process is completed.

  • Ridgefield Skyward Update (6/14/19) - New-To-The District-Students for Skyward Access -

A- Ridgefield District will have new-to-the district students enrolled by end of day, July 12.

  • When will the bus route information be uploaded into the portal?

A - We have posted 2 weeks before the school start dates. At two week before the school start date, please sign back into the portal, and your bus route information will be uploaded into the student profile. In addition, KWRL will send notification to your registered email when the bus information is uploaded into the portal.

  • My student has a IEP and is a special needs student, do I register them through the portal?

A - Special needs student(s), require much more detailed information for bus routes. Therefore, at this time, special needs bus assignments will work through the IEP, district office and the KWRL special needs coordinator for bus transportation.

  • How does the Google sign in work in the portal?

A - If attempting to use Google sign in the portal, your Gmail address must be registered and associated in the Skyward data. Once your click into the Portal, click on the "Sign in with Google" radio button. (located at the bottom left of the portal sign in page)


  • How do I reset my Skyward password?

A - To reset your password, click on your district page below:

Kalama School District

Woodland Public Schools

Ridgefield School District

La Center School District

Please note, after you reset your password, please wait for the next day before credentials is valid in the KWRL Transportation Portal


KWRL Portal Home Page - This is the home screen

Once your signed in - you have your students profile. Click on view Assigned Stops.

Please confirm information is correct.

By Clicking "Add Additional Location" just under the Pick Up and Drop Off Locations - you will can add ALTERNATE STOPS.

School bus information will be uploaded to the student profile in the KWRL Portal by August 15, 2019

Click on View Assigned Stops for bus route information.

School Bus Route Information

- Bus Route Number

- Bus Stop Location

- Pick Up and Drop Off Times