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Rules and Expectations for School Bus Safety Conduct

Bus Rules May 2017.pdf

KWRL Student Safety and Bus Conduct Rules

As part of registering your student to ride a KWRL school bus you will be required to review and acknowledge with your student(s) the expectations for safety and conduct.

The objective of conduct and safety rules is to protect the safety, climate and culture on the school bus. Each driver has the latitude to incorporate and utilize a number of approved student management tools and techniques to help them manage the school bus in conjunction with the rules and expectations of the bus.

The driver's first priority will be their attention to the road, and for that reason it is important that we have support and respect for expectations from the passengers on each school bus.

Bus Expectations.pdf

KWRL Student Safety and Bus Conduct Expectations

Bus rules help define student safety and conduct in a specific context, but KWRL developed safety and conduct expectations in simple terms to help students understand the expectations of a student in being a good citizen and passenger to support a healthy and safe school bus environment.

School bus safety and conduct expectations are posted on all KWRL school buses. Students may also receive notes from their driver that are used to help remind students of expectations when we are not quite meeting expectations, or a note to affirm and recognize their outstanding efforts in being a safe, responsible and respectful passenger on our school bus.

The school bus is an extension of the classroom and these expectations are consistent with expectations in the buildings and in the classrooms.

Electronic and Telecommunication Device Policy.pdf

KWRL Electronic and Telecommunication Device Policy

It is important that KWRL enforce policy to manage the use and possession of electronic and telecommunication devices on school buses to reduce distractions for drivers, to prevent bullying behaviors and for the important privacy rights of all passengers riding on KWRL school buses.

KWRL has developed a policy that respects the policies of each of the KWRL member districts. KWRL has included each districts individual policy as part of the KWRL policy.

Please review this policy to educate your family and your student with regards to expectations for electronic and telecommunication devices.

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Industry Tips for School Bus Safety

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