Kindergarten Students

KWRL has created this page to highlight the importance of transportation for Kindergarten student(s). For a Kindergarten student (and Parent!), riding a school bus is filled with both excitement and anticipation, but at the same time it can feel overwhelming and quite frankly very intimidating. Whether you’re a first time kindergarten parent or you have done this before, we hope the information on this page can help answer any questions or concerns you may have. Below are a few safe guards put in place to help understand what to expect on the first few days.

Kindergarten Transportation Video

Identification Bands - During the first week of school, Kindergarten Students will be issued Yellow Identification Bands. Teachers will attach bands to the students back packs. This will help the school bus driver identify the student.

Seat Assignment on Bus - The first few rows on each bus will have yellow tape designated for all kindergarten students. This will help the bus driver keep close supervision of the student during transportation.

Parent meet and greet - For the safety of the student. Please ensure a parent, guardian or designated person is with the kindergarten student at the bus stop before and after school. As a safety precaution, the bus driver will not release the student after school unless the responsible party is present at the stop.

Kindergarten School Bus Animal Identifiers

This year we are excited to introduce an added safety measure. School Buses transporting Kindergarten Students will use animal magnets as identifiers to help the school administrators and student find their bus.

Below is the Official KWRL Animal Bus Assignment List. Please note that some buses do not transport Kindergarten students and therefore, do not have an animal identifier.


Kalama 230

Woodland 29

Ridgefield 18

La Center 227


Woodland 217

Ridgefield 208

La Center 203


Kalama 82

Woodland 57

Ridgefield 44

La Center 28


Woodland 220

Ridgefield 209

La Center 210


Woodland 223

Ridgefield 215


Woodland 204

Ridgefield 202

La Center 96


Woodland 206

Ridgefield 205

La Center 98


Kalama 218

Woodland 83

Ridgefield 228

La Center 221


Kalama 91

Woodland 79

Ridgefield 59

La Center 38


Woodland 225

Ridgefield 212

La Center 211


Woodland 40

Ridgefield 207

La Center 201


Ridgefield 214

Woodland 90


Kalama 78

Woodland 39

Ridgefield 19

La Center 26


Woodland 95

Ridgefield 97

La Center 84


Woodland 92

Ridgefield 81

La Center 56


Woodland 224

Ridgefield 216


Kalama 219

Woodland 90

Ridgefield 229

La Center 49


Woodland 93

Ridgefield 94

La Center 58


Kalama 80

Woodland 48

Ridgefield 20

La Center 27


Woodland 222

Ridgefield 213