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Ridership Registration is required for ALL Students.

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If any current ridership information needs to be updated please submit new online form.

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New Registration including new Kindergarten (Submit Online Form)

Ridgefield School District School Bus Transportation frequent Q and A

1. If my student attended Union Ridge Elementary and is moving to Sunset Ridge Intermediate school or View Ridge Middle School, do I need to register the student? A - Provided they registered on the KWRL website to ride a bus for 2017-2018 school year, they will automatically be re-registered for next school year. So NO - you do not need to re-register your student.

2. My student attended South Ridge Elementary School but because of the new boundary policy, my student will now attend Union Ridge Elementary, do I need to register my student? A- Yes, because the student was moved to another school, due to the new boundary rule, regardless if they registered for 2017-2018, we are asking all students changing from South Ridge Elementary School to Union Ridge Elementary School to register their student.

3. I am planning to move to another address within the school district, do I need to register my student? A- Yes, please register your student.

4. When and how will parents/guardians be notified for student(s) bus stop location including times? A - We will notify the parent/guardian via a Robo call and also through an email 2 weeks prior to school start date.

5. Do I use this same online registration form to register my Kindergarten student? A- Yes, the same form can be used to register incoming Kindergarten students.

6. Will school bus transportation be provided to Sunset Ridge Intermediate School or View Ridge Middle School to the surrounding neighborhoods? A - As for now, since construction to the schools is ongoing, neighborhoods Hawks Landing and Wishing Wells Estates, school bus transportation will be provided. Do I need to re-register the student for this Hawks Landing and Wishing Wells Estates? A - No, Provided that the registered information from 2017-2018 school year is accurate, KWRL will automatically re-register student(s) for next school year.

7. We are new to the area and enrolled my student(s) with the District Office, do I still need to register for school bus transportation with KWRL? A- Yes, KWRL requires all students to register separately from the school district. Please complete a new registration form for student(s). (1 form per student please.)

Please Complete 1 form per student.

Please allow 2 to 3 school days for processing.