Mission Statement

Serving the Kalama, Woodland, Ridgefield and La Center communities with safe and reliable student transportation because our passengers are our future.

Woodland Meal Delivery Overview

The school district will provide meals for all children ages 0 to 18 years-old. Meal Delivery will begin on Wednesday, March 18, 2020.

601 - Woodland Bottoms Area (Caples, Roberson, Dike, Marty Loop)

602 - Woodland Bottoms Area (S Pekin, San Juan Apartment, Lake Ave)

603 - Hayes Rd (Clark County)

604 - Woodland Bottoms (N Pekin, Guild, Caples, Glenwood, Washington Park)

605 - Hayes Rd, Lyons, Buckeye, Dale (Clark County)

607 - Meriwether Development, Insel Rd, Bozarth Heights

608- Insel Rd, Gun Club Rd

609 - Lewis River Rd (West of Ross Rd), Hillsdale, E Scott, Jefferson Apartments

610 - Green Mountain Rd, Hillshire Apartments (Meadowood Apartment)

611 - Old Lewis River Rd, Niemi, Bryant Hill, Butte Hill

612 - Little Kalama River Rd, Nevela

613 - Lewis River Rd (East of Ross Rd), Fredrickson, Englert Rd, Hanson, N Dubois

617 - Yale Area

Please scroll down below to view route schedule for delivery times.

Important to Adhere to Delivery Guidelines:

Bus will stop at bus stop location

Driver & Para will remain on the bus.

Bus Door will open and be placed at the bottom of the step.

Students and/or parents will grab the number meals requested.

KWRL Meal Drop Stops 2020