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Woodlands’ College Counseling Program is committed to helping students make informed choices regarding their post-high school plans. Through individual meetings, college skills classes, information sessions, and workshops, we encourage students to discover the best about themselves and to research the opportunities available to them. Most important to this College Decision-Making Process is self-evaluation and reflection. When a student knows herself, she is able to make appropriate decisions about her future.

Our College Counseling Program stresses personal and interactive communication among students, parents, and counselors. Parents are encouraged to participate in all individual conferences and to attend special college counseling programs for parents.

College counseling Timeline

Here at Woodlands Academy, we provide wrap around support all four years of high school so that each student is fully prepared for their college application process and experience. Below is an overview of what students will focus on each year of high school so that they are in the best position to apply for college.

freshman year

Challenge yourself appropriately. Freshman year is all about transition and acclimating to your new school environment. Grades and academic rigor will be the two single most important factors in college admission decisions, so make sure to prioritize your academics and get off to a strong start.

Get involved! Explore the various clubs at Woodlands or get involved outside of school.

sophomore year

Continue to be a strong student. Think ahead to classes you might want to take in 11th or 12th grade, and make sure you work in any prerequisites so you can get to the classes you're aiming for. You want to strive for the most rigorous schedule you can handle while also attaining strong grades. It's important to think about your class schedule honestly since taking too many challenging courses might lead to an underwhelming performance.

Attend the Sophomore CC Parent night. The College Counseling office will host a sophomore college counseling night for parents in the spring to walk through the college process at Woodlands.

Make the most of your summer. Find opportunities that complement your academic/extracurricular interests. These could include service opportunities, academic programs on college campuses, working, or job shadowing/internships.

Continue to stay involved outside of the classroom and think about ways to develop your leadership skills within those activities

junior year

During junior year, students will begin their college process in a more formalized way. Below is an overview of what support to expect throughout the school year:

Fall Semester

  • Attend the Fall Junior CC Parent Night

  • College representative visits

  • Look into ACT or SAT prep courses

  • Complete the student and parent questionnaire

Spring Semester

  • Junior College Skills course will replace Health class during second semester. Some areas we'll cover include:

    • Finding your fit factors

    • Learning about application components

    • Building a college list

    • Personal statement workshops

    • Asking your teachers to write letters of recommendation

    • Completing the demographics sections of Common App

  • Attend the Spring Junior CC Parent Night

  • Take official SAT or ACT

  • Maximize your summer!

In addition to the formalized programming above, students are expected to continue to take a rigorous courseload that is appropriate for them, aim for strong grades, and continue to get involved outside of the classroom.

senior year

Below is a general overview of what to expect for Senior year

Fall Semester:

  • College rep visits and demonstrating interest

  • Attend Fall Parent CC College Night

  • Senior College Skills course replaces Health class during first semester. Some areas we'll cover include:

    • Finalizing college lists and confirming application strategies (EA, ED, RD)

    • Aiming to complete Personal Statements by October 1

    • Support for organizing and writing supplemental essays as well as the activities section

    • Aiming to submit all applications by December 1

    • Preparing for college interviews

  • Apply for financial aid if applicable:

    • FAFSA and CSS Profile both open October 1

  • Avoid senioritis! Make sure you keep strong grades throughout senior year. First semester grades will be reviewed as part of your application. If you apply ED, your quarter grades will be reviewed as part of your application.

Spring Semester:

  • Keep your grades up! All offers of admissions are conditional upon seeing your final transcript

  • Check application portals to ensure there aren't any materials missing

  • Make a decision and deposit at one school by May 1st

  • Celebrate all your accomplishments!

Meet the Director

Jessica RosenbergDirector of College

I am thrilled to be at Woodlands Academy as the Director of College Counseling and am looking forward to working with you during this extremely important and exciting time. I have worked in the college counseling/admissions landscape for over 10 years on both the high school and college admissions side, most recently coming from the Schuler Scholar Program where I worked exclusively with students applying to highly selective colleges and universities. I am excited to use that knowledge to help your daughter maximize their potential and find their best fit college.