Music with Mrs. London

Stay updated on the experiences provided in the music classroom at Southside. You will find information about performances, class activities, special music opportunities, links to safe and fun educational websites, and lots of other helpful information for enhancing your musical experiences. I'm looking forward to another year of exploring the wonders and joy of music with you!

I love making things my students enjoyed during class more accessible outside of school - including songs and activities they loved in class or things we're working on for performances. I use this website and my YouTube channel to make that happen.

Click the photo to the left for quick access to my YouTube channel if needed.

To check out other fun and safe music links I recommend, see below...

Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra - go on a fun adventure discovering the instruments of the orchestra.

SFS Kids - explore more sounds and topics of the orchestra.

Colonial Williamsburg Kids Zone - learn about what it was like to live in colonial times while you play fun games.

NIH Kids Environment - great list of sing along songs including lyrics and sometimes a track to sing with!

Check out what is going on at the Woodford Theatre!

Many opportunities to see or be in a performance.

See what's going on at the Lexington Children's Theatre.

Great shows to see and theatre focused camp opportunities!

More great performances to see...

Be sure to look for musicals produced by The Lexington Theatre Company every summer.

Amazing things happen with the Lexington Philharmonic every year. Be sure to take a look!