Woodfield School - Covid19 Information

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you continue to remain safe and well. I am sure you are all wondering what next for pupils at Woodfield School.

School will be closed from Friday 22nd May for the half term, no new online learning will be uploaded during that week and pupils will have chance to enjoy their holiday.

We are currently planning how we can safely increase our offer for Woodfield pupils. The planning is based upon the following extracts from the current guidance relating to Special Schools:-

  • By returning pupils gradually settings can initially reduce the number of children and young people in classrooms compared to usual and put protective measures in place to reduce risks. Children will need to stay within their new class/group wherever possible and we will ask settings to implement a range of protective measures including increased cleaning, reducing ‘pinch points’.., and utilising outdoor space.

  • Staff and pupils in all settings will be eligible for testing if they become ill with coronavirus symptoms, as will members of their households.

  • Special schools, special post-16 institutions and hospital schools should work towards welcoming back as many children and young people as can be safely catered for in their setting. They may want to prioritise attendance based on key transitions and the impact on life chances and development

  • Special settings should work with local authorities and families to ensure that decisions about attendance are informed by existing risk assessments for their children and young people, which should be kept up to date.

The initial phase

I can confirm that from the 1st June there will no change to the current offer however there will be a gradual increase in pupil provision for parents who have had a change in Critical Key Worker status and are now requiring provision; these will have been agreed on an individual basis with parents and carers. Thank you for sending your responses to school to help us plan appropriately for this.

The Second phase of increasing pupil numbers

The next phase will prioritise those pupils in key transition years – those being Y11 and Y13. These pupils will be invited to take up a part time offer allowing some face to face time with their tutors to allow them to prepare for their next stage of their education, life or work place.

When year groups are identified for a school based offer, the parents of the pupils in those year groups will receive a questionnaire asking:-

  • Is someone in the household in the clinically extremely vulnerable group, therefore shielding?

  • Is the young person in the clinically extremely vulnerable group, therefore shielding?

  • Is the young person in the clinically vulnerable group?

  • Would you like your child to come to school?

  • Would you like your child to continue with home learning only?

Once we have those responses we will plan a package for those pupils reflecting the parents wishes.

To do this safely the following principles will be applied

  • The overriding safety measures of

    • 2m Social Distancing ( this is not always possible with SEND pupils)

    • maintaining good hand-mouth-nose hygiene

    • using the appropriate level of PPE for personal and other interventions if a pupil becomes symptomatic as per DFE guidance implement a range of protective measures .

    • ensuring staff and pupils remain fit and healthy to attend

    • keeping the overall number of ‘contacts’ to a minimum

    • Teaching pupils about how to keep themselves and others safe, posters and visual aids around school, direct teaching and making their own visual aids. (Please note parents will be contacted if their child is continually putting themselves or others at risk and their offer of school based learning may be rescinded).

The above will be applied as far as is reasonably practicable with pupils with SEND as social distancing is not always understood by our pupils. As parents you need to be aware of this in order to make a decision about returning your child to school. If you choose to continue with home education this will be honoured and no parent will be penalised for wishing to keep their child at home.

To implement this

  • Class sizes will be around 50-60% of their normal size and the actual size will be judged on how well the pupils can maintain social distancing. In practice this may mean class groups of 5 or 6 pupils, with 3 members of staff and any identified personalised 1:1 support.

  • The school will be divided into distinct areas ‘silos’, each with a separate entrance, staff area and designated toilet areas for pupils.

  • On arrival pupils will not be allowed off the transport until collected by a member of staff from the ‘silo’

  • On entry to the building each pupil will:

    • Use hand gel to sanitise hands

    • Follow up by washing hands before they enter the classroom

    • Be supervised to their individual learning space / classroom / seat.

    • Be supervised to maintain the hand hygiene measures required throughout the school day.

    • Be reminded of the ‘Catch it, bin it, Kill it’ rule.

When in their learning space:

    • Each pupil will have their named work area, computer / IT device and will be closely supervised so as not to share

    • Equipment will be wiped down by supporting staff after use.

    • Each pupil will be required to have their own equipment and this will not be shared between pupils.

    • All teaching resources that are required for use by other pupils will be wiped down by staff after use.

    • When using play equipment this must be allocated to the ‘silo’ and not shared between them being cleaned after each use.

    • Each ‘silo’ will be allocated their own break times and lunchtimes. Lunch will be eaten in their identified areas to reduce the need for movement around the school.

    • Corridor use will be minimised and one-way designation will be used if necessary.

    • Any complaint of feeling unwell by pupils will be investigated further – the pupil will be taken to the medical room whilst further information is gathered. As currently we will respond on a ‘what if it is rather than what if it isn’t’ basis, for many it may be hay fever or a cold, however this needs to be investigated and NO CHANCES MUST BE TAKEN. Parents will be contacted to collect. If the child is symptomatic with a new continuous cough, high temperature or anosmia (loss of taste or smell) they will be asked to access a COVID19 screening test via NHS 111 online

    • High temperature, new continuous coughs and anosmia MUST be treated as a possible first sign / symptom and the member of staff/pupil/family member will be asked to self- isolate for 7 days and any household members will be required to self – isolate for 14 days.

  • Any staff member feeling unwell MUST report this immediately and return or stay home and request a COVID screening test.

  • Pupil and staff groups will, as far as reasonably practicable, not be rotated if this leads to an increase in the number of ‘contacts’

  • Families may be asked to drop off/pick up pupils if they can and not use home – school transport, so as to reduce the number of ‘contacts’. Where pupils are required to use home – school transport the transport provider will identify the requirement for the safe number of pupils to be allocated to a mini bus and getting on and off the minibus will be managed by the escort / driver and supported by a member of school staff supervising that ‘silo’

  • There will be allocated start/finish times for each ‘silo’ to reduce possible increase in contact at entrances and exits. However identified entrance and exits should mitigate this in itself.

  • COVID19 posters will be placed around site to remind pupils of expectations. Pupils will be taught about what is expected and will make their own poster / visual reminder as they come back to school.

  • Pupils will be offered emotional support around the anxiety the pandemic and / or returning to school may cause

To move safely from the current provision to the second phase provision will require close monitoring of the effectiveness of the safety measures employed for the first phase increase, so as of yet we will not be able to identify a date that the second phase will begin at this point.

Once the second phase has been implemented then we will communicate our process for a further managed increase in pupil numbers.

We remain mindful that there is a lot of media coverage around schools reopening and any plans will be closely aligned to any further update or recommendation from the Government and the DFE, we believe there will be further guidance from the Government on 28th May which may affect any of the above arrangements.

Thank you for your ongoing patience and support regarding the Annual Review process. As you may now be aware, we have had to delay many of the outstanding review meetings due to the partial closure of the school and the inability for parents, carers and multi-professionals to access the school site. We have been in communication with the Local Education Authority throughout the lockdown regarding our plans to complete the outstanding annual reviews for Y7, 8 and 9 as soon as is reasonably practicable under the current circumstances. In line with the guidance we are prioritising those who are moving between key phases of education, those who have significant changes of need or circumstance and those who are Looked After Children.

It is our aim however to ensure we complete all outstanding reviews before the end of the academic year. Annual review meetings need now to take a different form. Some will continue to be carried out over the phone whilst others, needing multi-agency input, will now take place via a video conferencing platform such as Google Meets or Microsoft. We will be in touch with you soon regarding the scheduling of your child’s annual review and the arrangements regarding the appropriate meeting platform. Please do let us know if your child is in Y7 (only those who have not recently had their annual reviews), Y9 or 10, and you do not have access to a device from which you can participate in a video call. Also let us know if you think you may need support in order to learn how to use Google Meets or Microsoft Teams as we can provide technological support in order to help you to access the meeting.

Google classroom and home learning packs will continue after the half term break, however to ensure that we are providing the appropriate level of work for your child Mrs Wyse has provided a link to a home learning questionnaire to enable us to identify what is working well and where it could be even better.


Thank you to you all for your ongoing support and understanding in these very challenging times.

Please stay safe and well

Yours Sincerely,

Andrea Ashton

For more general school information please visit the main school website www.woodfield.surrey.sch.uk