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20-21 School Year

Last updated Monday, February 25, 2021

Moda Health’s Heart Health: Supporting Your Cardiovascular System webinar recording link and other resources.


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Wellness Conference

o The theme this year is Rejuvenate – Join Us!

o The virtual conference will be held this year on Thursday, April 8 from 3-6pm and Friday, April 9 from 2-5pm.

o Preregister HERE

  • Sharpen your focus and improve efficiency with Total Brain!

    • Technology is always at your fingertips, making it difficult to stay on track and complete tasks

    • Become an expert at target thinking

    • Become a better problem solver

    • Improve your brain’s ability to recover from distractions

  • Join the Total Brain challenge February 3rd – March 3rd

  • Register or log in at, complete an assessment and train daily.

Virtual groups will be held via Zoom on select days throughout February, from 4-5pm

Register and read more in the Educator Support Space attachment

  • 3 Steps to Shift Stress for Good

Too much stress can be harmful and hinder our ability to stay positive and focused. Are you ready to transform your stress?

    • Interactive exploration with Dr. Heidi Hanna and OEBB

    • Create beneficial strategies to immediately boost brain power

    • Learn techniques to sustain a healthy brain

  • Wednesday, May 5th

  • 3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

  • Master Your Stress with Total Brain! Join the challenge to become a better problem solver and improve your brain’s ability to recover from distractions.

    • Understand how your brain responds to threats

    • Learn ways to control the situation

    • Stay mentally fit to perform at peak levels

  • Join the Total Brain challenge May 5th – June 5th

  • Register or log in at, complete an assessment and train daily.

  • url:

Support Groups


Tools & Resources

March 21-23, 2021

The Riverhouse – Bend, Oregon