Entrepreneurship, Design, Digital.

Investing time, energy and money in supporting entrepreneurs and teams with the design mindset to scale positive impact.

With over 15 years of experience as a UX-expert and creative director he co-founded the digital product-design studio Little Miss Robot. In 2014 he co-founded Wonderland where he helps companies explore new opportunities with design-led innovation and business-prototyping in a time of digital transformation.

As a renowned designer and creative entrepreneur, he lectures at academic institutions including Vlerick business school, Berlin School of Creative Leadership, among others. He connects talent through the Creative Network and the design events Let's think Design. In his spare time he advises creative entrepreneurs and acts as a mentor in several startup-incubators and accelerators in Europe.

Valentijn has a passion for everything that is creative in life. He believes more people should learn how to apply design-thinking, not only to create new value in their business, but also in their own lives, because design is about envisioning and creating a world you’d like to live in.

more info: https://www.linkedin.com/in/valentijndestoop/

"I enjoyed seeing Valentijn so dedicated - very insightful and always focused on ensuring we're on track." Participant design sprint, Unilever.

Develop new business

Media Fast Forward, R&D Radioplus digital platform.

Hanger K, the co-creation and startup campus.

Experience and Growth partner for Tech-startups.

Change organisations

Corporate innovation bootcamps and sprints.

Creative entrepreneur in residence for technology network Cronos.

Consult for the new PwC digital experience center.

Strategy and Research

TEDx Scotland, Business By Design.

Vlerick Business School, Future visioning and prototyping.

Berlin school, Innovation ecosystems and environments.

Focus on envisioning the future, manifesting strategic intent, directing design investment, creating and nurturing environments of innovation.