Course Outline

Course Information

  • Communication Technology and Information Technology are module based courses– each module is worth one credit on your transcript.
  • CTS computers can be taken in either a 3 or 5 credit block. Students are expected to earn as many credits in this block as their ability and effort dictates.
  • Each module includes exercises and projects. Since these courses are individual study, it is your responsibility to complete all the required modules before the end of the term. Students can complete either Information Processing, Communication Technology, Design Studies (3D Printing) or Computer Science (Programming & Robotics) modules, regardless of which class they are registered in.

NOTE: Completing 5 Credits does not mean that you are done the course


  • Come to class on time, and ready to work
  • Always do your best work
  • Bring an attitude of respect – for others, yourself and materials

Media/Tech Policy

  • Note – Multi-tasking is a myth, look up ‘Fast Task Switching’
  • Headphones may be used to listen to music, provided that:
    • the music is loud enough for only you to hear
    • the music helps you concentrate on your work
    • students are to bring their own headphones
    • Be polite.
  • Watching video while working does not lend itself to completing tasks in a timely manor and interferes with learning/problem solving. For this reason, watching video, unless it relates directly to your module work, will not be permitted. For example, video tutorials around Photoshop techniques would be considered appropriate use of Youtube where a game walk through, an episode of a show or a movie would not.
  • It is expected that you are following the principles of good digital citizenship.
  • Manage your time well – As long as you are adhering to a reasonable timeline for work completion, some flexibility will be provided (HINT – Free time will be available to you as long as you are getting your work done)

Completing the Course

  • Grade 10/Introductory students are expected to complete 2 Information Processing Modules (+ INF2020 Keyboarding) before looking at completing further Information Processing , Communication Technology or Computer Science modules.
  • Intermediate and advanced students (AKA students who have completed the introductory modules) will select the pathway or pathways that they are most interested and meet with Mr. Oram to discuss their plans for the semester.

Handing in your work:

  • Be sure to follow the procedure for each module
  • One you feel that you have completed each of the outcomes for a given module; you are responsible to notify the teacher. This should be done by filling in the Module Completion Form.
  • Each student is to use the shared folder called CTS Computers in their Google Drive.
  • Within the CTS Computers folder, a folder should be created for each module. This folder must reflect the module work contained.